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Mueller and the Media Represent the Ancien Régime




The Mueller probe, with its indictments of Trump associates for offenses unrelated to its ostensible mandate, combined with mendacious media coverage of President Trump, is an obvious attempt to restore the old order that the electorate rejected in 2016. It seeks to annul the will of the voters and return us to the incipient authoritarianism that germinated during the Obama era, and which the ruling class expected to blossom under Clinton. The bureaucrats who support the restoration of Beltway despotism call themselves public servants, yet despise the public. The politicians who support it call themselves Democrats, yet despise democracy.

The most important fact to absorb about all this is counterintuitive: The primary target isn’t really the President. Mueller and his apologists know Trump is the voice of a nationwide rebellion against their authority, and realize that the threat can’t be neutralized until he is silenced. The end game is to crush what they see as a peasant’s revolt. Mueller’s function is to provide a legal pretext for removing the President from office. The role of the media is to misrepresent everything he does in order to trick independent voters into giving the Democrats a majority in the House. This will prevent Trump from continuing to act on his 2016 mandate.

The Democrats will impeach the President if they gain a majority in the House, regardless of their chances of securing a conviction in the Senate. Impeachment will effectively shut down his Presidency either way. Fighting it would involve so much White House time that virtually nothing else would get done. And this is an important Democratic goal. Moreover, if Senate Republicans are as weak-kneed as they were in 1974, a conviction may not be necessary to get Trump out of the White House. If the Democrat-controlled House had impeached President Nixon in August of 1974, the Democrat-dominated Senate would not have been able to convict him without six Republican votes.



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  1. It’s all about power. Putting up a false front and a curtain of lies has been the operational method of the Democrat Party since 1860.
    The Democrat Party only “cares” for the workers to the extent it can use them as voters to keep their Party in power.
    If that Party sees it’s losing the workers, it will stagger away to look for some other group to exploit.
    I think that’s what we’re seeing with their attempts to make voters of illegal immigrants.

  2. Uh let’s not let Bush’s off on all this. Good ol’ W called the patriot’s known as the Minute Men a group of vigilantes he also refused to do his constitutional duty and signed into law bill she felt were unconstitutional. Now Trump, stands alone, for we the people. It is sad to see what his once great nation has become, its offices corrupted, its institutions discredited.

  3. Manafort’s case has nothing to do with Trump.
    Manafort’s sins (and “crimes,” if any) are his own.
    The criminals in the Trumph investigation appear to be the investigators themselves, and the lying
    supposed “witness” they have interviewed, several of whom have already been caught in their own conspiracy to create fake “evidence” in this investigation.
    The reference to the Ancien Regime brings to mind Thomas Paine’s comment on the French revolution, that although King Louis XVI was
    a decent, kindly man, the people of France realized he stood at the head of a malicious, rotten, dishonest aristocratic government structure, and that entire structure had to be pulled up, rooted out, and replaced.
    I think Trump views the current cabal in Washington the same way, and the conduct of those people over the last thirty years is proof they need to be removed.

  4. I read the list of comments. Some of these “Republicans,” like Flake, are RINOS. As to the others: WHEN were these statements made?
    There are no dates on them, so they may be old, stale, and may now be regretted by those who originally made them.
    A lot has been learned about Muller, his associates, his prior activities, and his one-sided, anti-Republican “investigations,” and his refusal to look into the activities of the Clintons and Obama.
    I caution every Republican to think twice before adding their name to this petition.