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Survey shows slight majority see Janus decision as positive development



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LaborUnionReport.com, a website that provides news about labor unions, reports Monday on a recent survey that shows public sector unions should be concerned about taxpayer and employee views the recent Janus decision.

The US Supreme Court decision in June ruled that government unions in states without Right-to-Work laws violated government workers' First Amendment rights by requiring the workers pay fees to unions as a condition of employment.

A survey revealing the public's reaction to the ruling, conducted by Lloyd Corder, Ph. D., shows:

  • Awareness of the Supreme Court ruling is high. While most (71%) are aware of the ruling, some are not (29%).
  • Many think the ruling is a positive development. 51% say the changes are positive, but 32% do not and 17% are on the fence. When asked whythey think the changes are positive (n=147), respondents offered a number of reasons, including that the ruling protects their personal rights and freedoms (37%), eliminates what they believe is an unfair labor practice (22%) and allows them to save money by not being forced to pay dues(18%).
  • Workers will exercise their new freedom to stop paying dues. One-third plan to change what they are paying, with 6% saying they have already stopped paying dues and 25% saying they plan to stop paying. [Emphasis added.]

More information on LaborUnionReport.com


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