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Tibbetts’ family grief preventable, immigration group says



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The tragic story of Mollie Tibbetts' murder less than two hours west of East Moline, Illinois grabbed the public's attention Tuesday afternoon when law enforcement revealed her body had been found in an Iowa cornfield. When law officials said they filed first degree murder charges against a Mexican 24 year old that had been in the US illegally for four to seven years, the nationwide collective gasp was nearly audible.

Immigration is voters' #1 issue in most current polls. In neighboring Illinois, a Republican governor insists his state is not a sanctuary state, when numerous legal opinions differ – leaving voters confused and frustrated. Before signing into law a measure that protects immigrants from referrals to immigration authorities, Governor Rauner refused to hold a conversation with the Illinois families that have lost loved ones to those in the US illegally.

However, Governor Rauner wasn't hesitant to condemn a border policy that caused parents entering the US illegally to be separated from their children while awaiting court proceedings.

“Governor Rauner does not support this policy. He believes we need to secure our border and end illegal immigration,” Rauner spokeswoman Rachel Bold said in a statement in June. “But separating children from their parents is bad policy and heartbreaking. We can and should do better as a nation.”

Those comments continued to ignore families that have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens.

Eric Brady's wife Jeannie of Mahomet, IL was killed January 1, 2017 by a Guatemalan in the country illegally who was driving with an alcohol level three times the legal amount. He told Illinois Review last year that he was very disappointed in the new law.

"I find this to be terribly disappointing. It's embarrassing to the honest Illinoisans, who work hard and care about the safety of their fellow Americans," Brady said. "It continues to underscore that the leadership of this State has no interest in the citizens it's sworn to serve. It proves once again that there is no fiscal responsibility in Springfield." 

After the announcement of Tibbetts' tragic death Tuesday, one immigration group stepped up to defend the number of families grieving the loss of a loved one in similar circumstances.  

"We are sad to learn that Mollie Tibbetts has joined the thousands of Americans who will lose or have lost their lives to illegal aliens on US soil in 2018 because DC lawmakers focus on Amnesty deal legislation instead of the adequate enforcement of America's existing border and immigration laws," declared William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

"Crimes committed by illegals are mostly preventable and only occur because our government refuses to honor Article IV of the US Constitution, and refuses to fully enforce numerous existing immigration laws designed to protect American property, health, and lives from those who invade our states illegally."

Gheen said research conducted in the world's largest archive of information on the topic of illegal immigration at ALIPAC.us that thousands of American lives are being lost to illegals each year.

"While we do not have exact numbers, we hope that one day there will be a more accurate accounting by our government and that a new national memorial will be created to honor all of the fallen Americans like Mollie Tibbetts who died because DC special interests have sabotaged our immigration existing laws," he said.

Tibbetts' family drew attention to their daughter's disappearance July 18th, and sought for tips with hopes of recovering Mollie. Law enforcement said Tuesday the accused admitted following Mollie as she was jogging near her home, then he says he blacked out and came to at the location where the body was found. The accused directed police to that location outside Brooklyn, Iowa. 

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  1. The family should sue the farm where he was employed in a civil suit since they aided and abetted an illegal alien in full violation of federal law.
    They should also get his police record and see how many government officials they could sue personally.

  2. Todays opinion article in a major suburban newspaper from a representative of Planned Parenthood states “members of the immigrant (do you mean illegal?) community…will not be eager to reveal their citizenship status” during the upcoming census, and calls for removing the question. Lack of disclosure suggests hiding something serious, so that’s what good citizenship is all about, not letting authorities know your a citizen. This is exactly why dangerous people fall through the cracks, which has become more like the Grand Canyon.

  3. Lack of disclosure suggests hiding something serious, so that’s what good citizenship is all about, not letting authorities know your a citizen.
    Maybe it is.For years we avoided the census in a deliberate attempt to lower Illinois population and thus clout at the federal level. Thank gosh IL, finally lost seats in the House.
    Let’s hope IL drop to 7th is size soon and cedes it 6th position to Ohio like it dd to Pennsylvania.
    My view, all conservatives have a moral obligation to diminish IL presence at the Federal level now that we force fund public murders via abortion.
    And since we are a sanctuary state, the rule of law argument is out of the window.
    So in summary, I think good citizen;s have good reason to dodge the census.

  4. WE know ALL Democrats are in the tank for open borders. Some more vocal than others but none will call it out.
    Unfortunately, there are still too many Republicans who are for open borders as long as means cheap labor for corporations and ag business.
    Few are willing to stand with President Trump and do so in visible manner- most can be finding hiding under the ground with moles or burrowing into caves like pack rats.
    Therefore de facto open borders through both legal and illegal immigration will swamp this nation to an ever greater degree.