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Rauner draws highest unfavorables among 2018 gubernatorial candidates




SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Broadcasters Association's election polling released Thursday evening shows incumbent GOP Governor Bruce Rauner 17 points behind Democrat challenger JB Pritzker. But most news stories didn't mention Governor Rauner's unfavorables are even worse. 

The survey of 1,024 Illinois registered voters asked, "If the election for the Governor of Illinois were held today, which of the following four candidates would you vote for?" 44% of the respondents indicated Democrat candidate JB Pritzker, 27% indicated Republican candidate Bruce Rauner, 6% would choose Conservative candidate Sam McCann, with Libertarian candidate Kash Jackson receiving 4% of the respondents. "None" was the reply of 4% of those surveyed, while 14% of participants providing a Don't Know/Haven't Decided/No Answer reply.

That wasn't good news for the incumbent that asked for four more years at an unusual formal speech earlier the same day. But that didn't reveal how bad it is for the governor – a number that is likely to negatively affect those Republicans down ballot.

When asked if the person answering the questions had a Favorable or Unfavorable or Neutral view of the gubernatorial candidates, Bruce Rauner has a 52.4% unfavorable rating, compared to J.B. Pritzker's 35.1% unfavorable rating. 

 From the downloadable results on the IBA's website 

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  1. Let’s see, he supported turning IL into a sanctuary state, dissed the greatest President of the modern era, openly promotes gay marriage and gender perversity, believes taxpayers should be forced to pay for the murder of babies, turned his back on the rule of law, bailed out the city of Chicago form a self inflicted pension crisis,pumps more money into dysfunctional public schools, he is effeminate and completely submissive to his domineering wife, and openly stated he is not in charge. I am amazed he is not at 17%.
    I do not know single Republican committeemen who is waking for this clown. Not a single one.

  2. You are completely wrong. No Republican should vote for this clown and his leftist wife, Diana.
    We are not going to “put on our big-boy pants again or hold our noses again and vote for this North suburban Jewish leftist spouse.”
    We can hold our noses and vote for RINO Republican members of Congress, because we need them to support President Trump.
    But certainly – we needn’t vote for the left wing “Republican” Governor of Illinois – who did not vote for Trump – who did not attend Trump’s Republican national convention – where he was given the party’s nod – and who refused to attend President Trump’s inauguration in Washington, D.C.
    No Republican Trump voter in Illinois should vote for Bruce Rauner and his left-wing North Shore ultra liberal Jewish wife, Diana Rauner.
    Frankly speaking, 20 to 30 percent of the Republican electorate, will refrain from voting for Bruce Rauner – and he will lose and a Democrat billionare will win – rather than a RINO Republican billionaire – and it won’t make a dime’s worth of difference to the dwindling Illinois middle class.

  3. I support Sam McCann he has the correct moral values.
    He supports the party platform. Now we have get people to know him in all of Illinois. He will be on radio again Saturday.
    Saturday morning he will be at a meeting with statewide leaders.
    If you want Sam McCann yard sign contact me by email.
    [email protected]
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht
    847 471 8210

  4. No – I as a conservative independent will not “put on my big boy pants” or “hold my nose” and vote for leftist RINO Rauner.
    There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the billionaire Jewish Democrat candidate, Pritzker and the billionaire RINO Republican, with his Jewish wife, Diana Rauner.
    No conservative Republican should vote in the IL Governor’s race.
    With 20% to 30% of Republican base voters boycotting RINO Rauner in this election – of course Pritzker will win.
    But who cares?
    Hey Bruce and Diana – you spit in the faces of conservative Republican voters for 4 yrs.
    And now you think we will compliantly come out and vote for you left-wing weirdos?
    Leftist Democrat Diana Rauner and the fool who she leads around by the nose, RINO Bruce Rauner, just don’t understand the Illinois Republican electorate.
    Good riddance, Rauners!

  5. Hey Bob – are you a paid operative of the Rauner cabal? – because we’ve never seen you on this site before.
    The fact is that conservatives can justify holding your nose and voting for RINO Republican House members, because it helps President Trump’s majority.
    But no conservative or Republican should “hold their nose” and vote for the leftist Bruce and Diana Rauner’s leftist Rauner cabal.
    Let Pritzker deal with the Illinois financial mess. Who cares? RINO Rauner is only sullying the Republican brand by being in there.
    This leftist fool didn’t even attend the GOP convention, where Trump was ordained and he was the only Governor, who did not attend President Trump’s inauguration.
    Apparently his leftist Jewish Democrat wife is calling the shots in that family.
    No Republican or conservative should vote for RINO Rauner.
    That clown is history – he is electoral toast.

  6. Clint, I ot to say I think this:
    “Leftist Democrat Diana Rauner”
    is a far better statement than this:
    “left-wing North Shore ultra liberal Jewish wife”
    I just don’t think the adjective of Jewish is adding anything and sort of detracts from what I think is your real message.
    Regards to you…

  7. If Rauner wants to have a prayer of winning – or accomplishing anything once he wins, he needs to fund (or ask others to fund) the conservative candidates running for the Illinois House and Senate. You can’t win when you don’t support those who should be your base.

  8. I’ve made many comments here Clint. I voted for Ives in the primary. Sam McCann got in too late, nobody has even heard of him. A vote for him is like a vote for Pritzker and the evil Chicago / Cook County cabal. I don’t want my taxes going up even higher, Pritzker is going to raise taxes on all of us not just the billionaires. They have the money to walk, I have to stay.

  9. Well PM – it would be irrelevant, if you hadn’t seen this – where Diana and Bruce Rauner donated many thousands of dollars to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) a bronze plaque to thank them for their big-money donation, is emplaced on a monument at the corner of Pratt and McCormick in the Lincolnwood, IL Centennial park.
    HIAS is a fully owned subsidiary, and adjunct member, of the illegal alien advocacy, open-borders, lobbying group, ICIRR – the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.
    Just take a peek at the bronze plaque – you can see it here and click on to the plaque to see Bruce and Diana’s names:
    Now if Diana and Bruce Rauner want to make major financial contributions to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society – open borders advocacy group – just before Governor Bruce Rauner declares Illinois a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens – that’s their business.
    But you have no right to deny the reality that Diana and Bruce have been major financial contributors to the HIAS.
    Got it, friend?

  10. I was gonna applaud this until someone in my household brought up an interesting point. She’s never met an ‘atheist Jew’ who didn’t use that exact term, but she’s never met an ‘atheist catholic’ who used that term, ever, anywhere. I guess the point is that it’s not totally irrelevant, akin to pointing out that Colin Powell is black or Kristen Sinema is lesbian. It doesn’t mean anything in itself, but it’s not irrelevant either.

  11. This is the most ridiculous comment.
    Why is a vote for McCann like a vote for Pritzker? Why can’t a vote for McCann be like a vote for Rauner and his evil gold coast/RINO cabal?
    Rauner has already presided over the raising of our taxes. He gave signals he was ok with raising income taxes before the group of RINOs (under his control) voted for the tax increase.

  12. Bruce Rauner makes us a Sanctuary State for illegal immigrants, forces taxpayers to pay for free abortions for all, and signed his name to this year’s tax-increase-budget so fast it was like a blur.
    He’s a RINO. His wife is a Democrat and she plays him like a violin. I’m voting for Sam McCann and the REAL Republicans on the ballot