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Thorner & O’Neil: The struggle to preserve a representative republic when mobs demand control




By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil - 

As we recently remembered the terrorist attacks on 9/11, our American Representative Republic – established over 200 years ago – is being challenged by those that claim to be patriots, but whose actions tell a very different story. It is well to remember that we are not a democracy, but a representative republic. Democracy results in mob rule.  The Left wants a democracy, and that is obvious given the mobs that have been fermented against President Trump.

Obama's Partnership with "Organizing for Action" (a Soros group)

Of important is that former President Obama has partnered with a prominent Leftist group, whose purposes is not unique, but its choice of actions are questionable.  The opposition group is“Organizing for Action” (OFA). There is nothing wrong with the formation of groups, but it gets a bit dicey when a group’s primary purpose is to destroy an American president, which began within weeks after President Trump’s election. The claim to OFA’s opposition rests on altruistic purposes, rather than the presence of a specific crime worthy of its wrath against President Trump.  

Who are these people who are trying to undermine a duly elected president?  The answer should be of concern.  One of the primary people involved is former President Barak Obama; however, the major culprit financing this travesty is billionaire George Soros, who is using millions of dollars and dozens of his Leftist political umbrella groups to purposely “take down” our current President.  In that this effort began within days after President Trump's inauguration, it cannot be said it was due to our new President making a mistake that warranted it.

It is also unprecedented in American history to form groups to protest even before a president’s inauguration ceremony, but this did happen.  Although it's untrue that paid protestors were bused into specific city streets to protest Trump’s presidency, protests did take place.  Although this travesty sounds more like a bad movie, sadly it was reality.

Trump's Resistance Mainly Led by Socialist Democrats

President Trump’s post-election opposition groups to remove Trump from office, mainly composed of Socialist Democrats, had a willing ally when most major mainstream news sources linked arms in finding ways to malign our new President by attempting to persuade the public into believing lies and deceptions that President Trump was unfit for the position and a danger to our democracy. 

The protestors were not honest brokers, because the politically astute knew Hillary Clinton proved herself unfit for the highest office in the country.  She lied about Bengazhi, lied about her unprotected server, lied about her involvement with Uranium One, and the list goes on and on of Hillary’s mistakes and attempted cover ups.  When Obama's F.B.I. director was forced to admit Hillary had violated federal laws by her careless use of her phone and computer, and then just slapped her “on the wrist” for violating federal laws, many Americans thought President Obama was complicit in protecting her.  Unquestionably, Director Comey was exceedingly lenient to a fault. 

To their credit, many Independents, and even Democrat voters, realized this injustice and voted their conscience, which resulted in Trump’s election as president.  Almost two years since Trump’s presidential victory, George Soros funded groups, most Socialist Democrats in positions of authority, as well as major media sources, continue with their hateful tactics to destroy our President.  Every word or decision President Trump makes is scrutinized in the hope his opponents can use it to destroy Trump and his presidency. Unfortunately, in the process, there is the potential these actions could end up harming our country, not just Trump. 

Recently President Barack Obama gave a speech at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The central conceit of the speech was that President Donald Trump had broken American politics, which only reminded Americans of why Trump is President.  Past presidents honored the unspoken pledge not to interfere with his successor's presidency.

Loyalty Questioned of Trump's Opponents 

Do Trump’s opponents really care about their country, or are they more interested in what is best for themselves in maintaining the status quo, from which they receive power and money in their quest to establish a globalist, Socialist nation?  Will George Soros with his political organization, his money, and help from the Leftist mainstream media end up destroying President Trump? "Organizing for America” is often labeled a "shadow government,” whose goal is to resist President Trump in every way possible. If this group, which includes former President Obama, is successful, what will the ultimate consequences be for America?  How long can a nation survive when media sources refuse to expose the fact that leftist groups throughout this nation are working to destroy President Trump’s credibility and decisions?  That newspapers and television programming sources align with this anti-Trump group is obvious, in that little is ever mentioned about Trump and his accomplishment.   

Leaders and members of OFA, and similar well financed leftist groups, consider themselves heroes for their actions to destroy our President.  To say the least, this is a “slap in the face” of Americans who chose Trump to be our President, but most troubling is that these Leftists are endangering our nation.  One might even label their actions subversion?

Foreign nations are most likely aware of the blatant internal attacks to destroy President Trump, as well as an existing shadow government purposing to divide our people.  This makes America more vulnerable to attacks by our enemies.

Kavanaugh Hearings:  A Political Circus

A more deliberate, vicious attack has not been seen since congressional leftists robbed Robert Bork of being a Supreme Court Justice by what later proved to be despicable lies about his life and character. Recently, through courtesy of Congressional Democrat officials, a political circus was on display during the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Despite the intense questioning of the Democrats, Judge Kavanaugh displayed himself as an exceedingly qualified candidate for the Supreme Court.   Kavanaugh has one of the greatest minds of our century; his memory of cases is profound; his fairness as a judge unquestionable; his calm under pressure is amazing; and his professionalism is outstanding.

Ironically, one of the bigger stories which may be most remembered in the current confirmation process was the tactics of Democrat Cory Booker.  Pretending to be a martyr, Booker made a grandstanding declaration during the confirmation hearing over an email chain he hoped would ruin Kavanaugh by finding him guilty of racial profiling. Booker claimed himself willing to take the punishment for breaking Senate rules by releasing classified information about Kavanaugh.  However, it turned out Booker was no martyr after all, because the material had been declassified the night before.  There is every indication Booker knew of this.  

The nomination of Kavanaugh makes most Americans grateful who voted for Trump.  His choice of Kavanaugh has been confirmed as brilliant. That Democrats revealed their nasty tactics during the confirmation process was a bonus.  It is always good for America when we see both greatness and pettiness in people.  We can then appreciate the differences and remember them for a future time.  

Mainstream Media: Adversary of our Representative Republic

The American mainstream media remains as a major problem, in its ability to sway average citizens to their own political views.  There is nothing more despicable than a prejudiced press pretending fairness regarding political reporting, when its reporting is far from being fair.   Glaring examples of bias can be found in how the media protected President Obama, when now the media is doing its best to expose any negative about President Trump, even if it must be made up.  This should be a blatant eye-opener, signaling problems ahead for the United States.  A biased media represents more than just unfairness; it is a curse in that it deprives all Americans of knowing facts needed to make choices and decisions they believe to be best.   

The job of accurately and fairly reporting the news is thus essential if the United States is to remain the great country that has been the envy of the world for many decades. Our citizens must demand honest political reporting; our country’s future depends upon it.  No matter which side of the political spectrum, confidence must exist that the mainstream media sources are providing essential facts free of bias, thus allowing each of us to decide important issues for ourselves. This is what provides us the best chance to keep America great and our Constitutional Representative government in place for future generations.

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