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Trump’s ultimate hate crime: Obstruction of Liberalism




CHAMPAIGN – In response to President Obama's speech in Champaign Friday, check out this perfectly-timed op-ed by Ron Ross in the American Spectator that defines Trump's worst faux pas: Obstructing Leftism.

Liberals have never encountered anything like Trump. They can’t knock him off course. Countless times the Trump despisers have believed he was a goner for sure. We got him this time! It’s almost comical to watch. Nothing they do to stop him works as it’s supposed to. He doesn’t play by their rules. He makes liberals feel impotent. He is relentless; he has no reverse gear. His counter punches pack twice the wallop as the first punch. When criticized, he doubles down. No wonder they’re depressed.

Trump baits his opponents and they always take the bait. They’re obviously not the sharpest knives in the drawer. The left has no sense of humor, which is another way he makes them look foolish.

He goes on to make this great point of how Trump gets in Leftist heads:

An example is his signature motto, “Make America Great Again.” His opponents cannot get those four words out of their minds. They don’t know how to deal them. They have said, “[America] was never that great” (Andrew Cuomo), and “America was always great” (Meghan McCain).

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  1. The Democrats began to hate the white working class when they couldn’t exploit them for votes anymore.
    If the blacks leave, the Democrat Party will hate THEM, too.
    That’s why they are seeking the illegals as the stand-by group they can exploit NEXT.

  2. Chase, up until Obama I always said that Bush 43 was the best President the Democrats had since FDR. He institutionalized many of their priorities, open borders, the department of education, blew SS reform, called the Minutemen vigilantes, signed into law legislation he thought was unconstitutional, used signing statesmen to thwart the will of the legislature, he was and is a leftie.