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Brewskis with Bruce 2.0



SPRINGFIELD – Governor Rauner's campaign is now focused on the candidate's likability. With such high negatives, they're evidently concerned as to how approachable the Governor is – and rightfully so. 

Decked in a plaid shirt, the governor sat down to share a "brewski" in Normal, Illinois to discuss how to keep youngsters in Illinois in a new "Brewskis with Bruce" internet ad.


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  1. As usual Rauner looks like a complete and total dork. He is not likable, he is the guy who’s ass you wanted to kick in high school and likely did. Hopefully in less than 30 days we will never have to hear mention of his name or see his ugly face.

  2. I sincerely apologize for saying “his ugly face”. I should have said lying face. It was shallow of me to comment on the physical attributes he cannot control. There is more than enough to dislike about Rauner without having to make it so personal. Once again my apology for that portion of my post.

  3. I agree. This is the worst campaign for any office I have ever witnessed. It’s on par with an asteroid being on a collision course with planet Earth. Of course it’s horrifying but you just can’t turn your eyes away.
    You would think with all of his money he would have better campaign consultants.