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Obama’s Embrace of Socialism is a Troubling Sign of Things to Come




Former President Barack Obama announced he’s officially endorsing congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a democratic socialist running for Congress. 

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  1. WE al know that Obama is a socialist. He only tolerates capitalism as a temporary necessary evil that must be eventually eliminated.
    As the country becomes more and more of a 3rd world population base that wants more redistribution this will likely occur.
    Yes, there are many young Whites who also want something for noting but the real tipping point is the 3rd world invasion.

  2. Obama did more damage to the USA and Western civilization in 8 years that the Soviets did to Europe in 80 years.
    We may now be faced with a gun-firing civil war because of this evil Barack Hussein Obama character.
    And do you remember that the nitwit RINO, John McCain, said – don’t you dare call him Barack “Hussein” Obama?
    And do you remember that the leftist RINO John McCain said, “Don’t you dare mention the anti-white bigot and racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright.?”
    And do you remember how the RINO, Mitt Romney, didn’t even bother to campaign?
    Thank God for President Trump!