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Thorner: Blue Wave Prediction for Democrats Turns to a Trickle except in Illinois




By Nancy Thorner - 

Democrats seized the US House majority from the Republican Party on Tuesday, but the GOP gained ground in the Senate and preserved key governorships, beating back House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “blue wave” that never actually happened.  

It didn't help that up to 44 House seats had to be defended in  the mid-terms because of Republican resignations, prompted, in many cases, by the belief that Trump would be the cause of a Blue Wave tsunami in the mid-terms.   

But as expected, the "blue wave" did hold true here in Illinois where the Illinois Left celebrated in wake of its Blue Tsunami. A key part of the Illinois Left coalition, the Leftist Chicago media, celebrated the Democrat gains. 

As was the practice in 2016, the midterm elections polls botched the turnout for key races. The Washington Post and other media said that President Trump had little or no chance of winning.  Although surveyors of the polls captured voting in blue-state congressional districts where a number of Republican seats flipped, pollsters did not fully redeem themselves for the sins of 2016 when they collectively botched Trump wins in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Glaring survey errors existed in 2018 as turnout models over-counted Democrats.  By Tuesday night, Republicans had won important Senate and governor races.  According to the latest news available, the map of the House of Representatives has Democrats at 225 seats and Republicans 199.

Democrats Fudge the Truth About Healthcare

Health care was reported as a big issue for Democrats, yet under President Trump, the cost of health insurance has risen only 6%, compared to 60% in states that cling to Obamacare.  No patient has been denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Individuals are not obliged to buy insurance, and if they choose to do so, policies are not encumbered by Obama’s bells-and-whistles. Small businesses are free to combine resources with other companies to purchase group policies, and they can purchase health insurance across state lines. This last bit is detested by the Coastal States, who think they should dictate all the terms.

Regarding the immigration narrative by the Left, according to the press, the US Supreme Court rejected Trump’s changes to DACA. In fact, they rejected the jump directly to the court, so that the trial could proceed to establish facts and arguments in the case. That is because appeals to the Circuit Court or Supreme Court are based on procedure, not facts (q.v., the 7th amendment).

Echos of 2016

All in all, last night was the strangest election ever for Thorner. All the major services, even Nate Silver's 538, had the Republicans holding the House. It appeared objective evidence like crowd size, early voting, etc. would win out. But then a giant thumb hit the scale, led by “conservative” Fox News calling for a Democrat House when most of the results of the West hadn't even started with hours of voting still left.  Like the naked fraud of Alabama last year, it was time to remind Trump's "Deplorables" who really is in charge. Record spending (the out party with far more money than the incumbent’s parties, a first in American history) and naked media and Silicon Valley Internet bias had to be rewarded.

Tom Steyer, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg pumped nearly $100M into the Democratic coffers. Democrats spent $85M portraying “Beto” O’Rouke as some sort of rock star politician against Ted Cruz in Texas. The same for Andrew Gillum against Ron DeSantis for governor in Florida, for winning is everything to Democrats.

Can it be that America has the most fraudulent elections outside of dictatorships like Venezuela and Iran. So many of our elections don't have a paper trail to back up the “results” that are simply typed in to a computer screen.  This accounts for so many illegal or nonexistent votes, despite the claim from Democrats that voter fraud is a myth. 

Election Fraud Documented

This video proves that tons of illegal voted on Tuesday.  Footage, released by James O’Keefe’s political watchdog group, Project Veritas, shows a young woman asking poll workers in Texas if it was okay for her illegal immigrant boyfriend to vote. The unidentified worker replies that it’s no problem as long as he has an ID, and that “tons” of illegal aliens have been voting in her district. 

A poll worker in Georgia was captured on video telling an undercover journalist posing as a voter that he should vote Democrat, because the party has “a better platform.

It looks like Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republican legislature's greatest failure was the inability to end election day registration and have some sort of reasonable residency requirement.  It finally caught up with them.   At the University of Wisconsin, ID cards were handed out to illegals to help them vote illegally. 

Milwaukee County Clerk George Chistenson said his office received about 46,000 early and absentee ballots from the city long after all other votes had been counted in the county. That amount includes 36,000 in-person absentee ballots and 11,000 absentee ballots by mail.” “In person” absentee ballots? Like the mail-in ballots from empty lots, the dead, the moved and the illegals in places like Washington, Oregon and Colorado, traditional fraud is getting more and more obvious in America, never mind computer vote switching. The results helped give Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers his first comfortable lead on Tuesday over Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Evers, the state schools chief, eventually edged Walker by about 29,000 votes.

John and Andrew Schlafly, sons of Phyllis Schlafly, noted in their commentary of November 7, 2018, why early voting is a mistake.  It provides a big advantage for Democrats.

House Republican Leadership AOL

Thorner is not pleased with how the Republican “leadership” in the House spent all its money on worthless ads recycled over and over since 2010, such as “He/She is a Nancy Pelosi Democrat”, even against Democrat challengers who never voted for Nancy Pelosi and had military or intelligence backgrounds to hide their real views.  The House “Republican” establishment didn't even do radio, never mind any grass roots organizing.  They starved conservative incumbents like David Brat (7th District of Virginia) and Dana Rohbacher (48th District of CA) of money, while hundreds of millions were wasted on “moderate” (anti-Trump, pro-immigration) incumbents who lost easily.

It wasn't just fraud that made Menendez' victory easy in New Jersey, it was also an opponent, Bob Hugin, who insisted we need more immigration, a message doomed to failure despite his megamillion spending.

Gridlock and the Status Quo

Presently there are many media reports that “gridlock” is good for stocks historically and that we are now coming into the best months of the Presidential Cycle (after the midterm election) to own stocks.  CNBC Bob Pisani has a problem with the consensus on the election and the markets:

“For the last two years, stocks have risen because Washington was not gridlocked. But now we're expected to believe stocks will go up because it is gridlocked.”

This nation is already showing strains in the consumer economy and in stocks like Apple that are missing on revenues, even while earnings have peaked on maximum game playing.

One thing is certain, with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, she will make sure evil Trump won't disturb the present European status quo.  French President Emmanuel Macron can go ahead and hang tough against everyone who opposed the United States of Europe from unruly Brexit loving British citizens to Salvini's Italy.  It was on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, that Macron called for “a real European army”, just days before the continent marks the centenary of the end of the First World War.  As Macron told Europe 1 radio:  

“We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.”

Skepticism Prevails

As posted by Joseph Farah at World Net Daily on 11/06/2918, when questioning his skepticism about the voter turnout on Tuesday, November 6th.  As Farah said

“I don’t know about you, but when I hear about Americans furiously turning out to vote in midterm elections that used to put people to sleep, I get suspicious.

Here’s the thing: When Republicans vote in America, Republicans actually vote. That’s not the case among Democrats.

There you could get dead people.

You could get fake voters.

You could get illegal voters.

In fact, it would be wrong to speculate that these things could happen; it’s a fact that this kind of activity is part of any Democratic Party game plan.”

Is Farah alone in his skepticism about the turnout Tuesday?  I don't think so! 

Might it be because of the low level of prosecution of voter fraud that Democrats have no fear of engaging in fraud?  

As Farah states in the final sentence of his article:

“So, before this election is forgotten in the dust, think about this question again: Where did all of these voters come from?”

We have reached the point in America, like Europe, where welfare is king thanks to massive underemployment that doesn't exist on official stats. Any threat to government benefits hits huge numbers who will then vote for any politician that promises to keep the status quo or up the benefits, even if that is fiscally impossible, as it is here in Illinois. Vote fraud is just survival at all costs and thoroughly justified in the minds of these voters. Nakedly corrupt candidates don't matter.  Gender and ethnicity also don't matter if you are an evil Republican.  Identity politics is just a mask for “give me my hand-out” at all costs.

Hopefully Trump can squeeze out a second term in 2020, when a population determined to ignore reality is dedicated to the destruction of Trump and his administration and our Representative Republic.


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  1. “It wasn’t just fraud that made Menendez’ victory easy in New Jersey, it was also an opponent, Bob Hugin, who insisted we need more immigration, a message doomed to failure despite his megamillion spending.“
    – Hugin’s millions could have gone to Mr. James in Michigan, who lost by approximately 6 points. 52-46%. What a waste. Hugin lost by 10 points.

  2. Nancy’s observation about the misappropriation Of Party resources on NeverTrump losers is 100% spot on. Thank God Paul Ryan is now a political fossil who has zero future in politics ever again and can’t continue influencing our party for the worse.

  3. Emanuel Macaroon is much, much more unpopular in France, and radioactive amongst actual French people, than the President ever has been here at any point in time and it isn’t even a contest. Emanuel Macaroon is now fabricating fake threats against himself to attempt to boost his own toxic popularity like any good little Marxist does. Ex. Venezuela.