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Domestic abuse account re-emerges on rising star IL Democrat Chris Welch



CwelchCHICAGO – Democrat State Rep. Chris Welch is entering the upper atmospheres of political power in Illinois. He's good buddies with Gov. JB Pritzker and House Speaker Mike Madigan bestowed on him the coveted chairmanship of the House Executive Committee. 

This week, Rep. Welch introduced legislation repealing Illinois' parental notification – and boasted about it surrounded by Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and fellow pro-abortion lawmakers. 

What is drawing disgust from conservatives in an age of the #MeToo movement is the reminder that Rep. Welch's ex-girlfriend called the police for help in the midst of a domestic violence episode in 2002. 

According to West Cook News, the police report says Welch allegedly slammed his girlfriend's head against the kitchen countertop:

During this verbal argument (name redacted) admitted telling Welch he was a “loser.” At that point Welch became enraged and grabbed her hair with both hands and slammed her head backwards on the counter top numerous times. Afterwards, he let her hair go and backed away.

(Name redacted) tried to stay calm and then attempted to leave the residence through the front door and then the rear door but was blocked by Welch with his body. Not knowing what else to do, she attempted to use the phone to call police. Welch then prevented her from doing that also.

Now being extremely scared because of his actions, she ran again to the back door and began screaming for help. Running around the home (name redacted) then was able to grab a phone and run out the front door to call police.

(Name redacted) was unsure how she obtained the phone while running around the home but only remembers getting outside and having the phone in her hand.

(Name redacted) related that Welch did not grab her again after slamming her head on the counter. He only blocked her with his body so she could not exit.

West Cook News displays what appears to be the original police report filed by Hillside Police on the incident. 

Welch denied the incident to Hillside Police, saying that the victim has been “crying over their breakup and shortly after called the police.” 

Insiders tell Illinois Review Rep. Welch – rocketing to impressive heights among Illinois Democrats – is "Pritzker's guy"." Welch's radical Leftist political views line up well with Pritzker's and they're making Mike Madigan look like a moderate," we were told. 


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