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Why Our Society Has Become a Shame Factory




By David Gornoski - 

The more our justice rituals fail to bring prosperity, peace, and fairness, the more unsatisfying their cover stories become.

Since I am experienced [in sewing], tonight I am working on a special project making rape resistant shower curtains for the prisons.” – Craig Cesal

Craig Cesal is serving a life sentence in federal prison for doing body work on trucks that were moving marijuana, a first-time offense. Our public servants would not let him out to see his son's funeral. Rapists and murderers have come and gone during his time in America's prison camps. He often works 16-hour shifts sewing for the US government, he says, making “rape resistant” shower curtains.

Craig's exile inside the belly of our government reveals things that remain hidden to us free folks on the outside. What human creatures make others sew rape-resistant showers for fellow captives to hide behind? Who in their right mind made this kind of legal system? Why do millions of Americans take rape-adjacent showers every night in local, state, and federal warehouses for nonviolent choices? Why do Americans think the evil of throwing humans into cages for victimless acts is okay if a majority of group-thinkers complies?



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