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Rossi: Why Trump is so Right regarding China Tariffs




By Randy Rossi - 

Those of us that have competed with and/or done business in China have been very frustrated with the fact that most Americans didn’t understand that China is the greatest cheating and stealing nation on Earth which is also the greatest strategic threat to America there is according to our government. We are thrilled that we finally have a president that is willing to stop China’s massive attack on our economy and national security.

Here are just a few critical facts that should make every rational American understand this massive Chinese threat and why President Trump’s tariffs on China are the right thing to do:

First, according to our own government, China steals $500 billion a year of US military and commercial technology. While American tax payers and businesses invest those billions of dollars in that technology to grow our economy and protect our nation, China simply steals that US technology to steal our jobs and to fund their rapidly growing military. Their goals are to crush our economy to dominate the global economy and to overwhelm our military.

Why does this matter to you? Because this technology theft has allowed China to steal millions of American manufacturing jobs and with each manufacturing job lost, six support jobs are also lost. On top of that, China ignores the civilized rules of behavior that our companies in America have to follow.  We knew all that over 30 years ago when our corporation opened our first manufacturing plant in China. Because we knew they would steal our technology, we only made products with ancient technology in China which you can find in a museum and we only sold those products in China.

On top of that technology theft, China charges massive tariffs on US products to force US companies to manufacture in China if they want to sell their products in China. For instance, while America only charges a 2.5% tariff on cars made in China, China charges 25% tariffs on US cars – which is ten times more. Sound fair to you?

While US companies had to follow stringent safety and environmental rules in our manufacturing plants in America and Europe, there are essentially no safety and environment rules in China and you can walk on water and cut the air with a knife because air and water pollution is beyond belief in China. China is the worst polluter on Earth!

The bottom line is China is using this massive cheating and stealing to accomplish their goal of taking your job and your kid’s jobs away from you and your kids to dominate the world economy.

Those of us that have competed with China have known this for decades but the real wake-up call to this national threat came from America’s top advisor on China who has served all US presidents since Richard Nixon and up to Obama. His name is Michael Pillsbury who speaks Mandarin and he got a copy of Mao’s 100 year strategic plan which outlines China’s goal to dominate the world which he translated.

In his book The Hundred Year Marathon, Pillsbury lays out Mao’s strategic plan which China is still following today. Their goal is to get back to the great Chinese Middle Kingdom when China under the Han Dynasty was as powerful as the Roman Empire.

The Ming Dynasty of China was as great as Renaissance Europe was. And then China crashed over 200 years ago. China’s goal today is to “Make China Great Again” by dominating the global economy and overwhelming our military. The difference between China and America is that we compete fairly, develop our own technology, and follow civilized rules to protect our people and our environment. China is the exact opposite as they cheat and steal like heck and they don’t give a darn about people or the environment.

Thankfully, President Trump is America’s first president to have the courage to stop this massive Chinese cheating and stealing to protect American jobs and our future in the only nonviolent way possible, through very painful tariffs. Tariffs will either force China to play by civilized rules or their economy will collapse as their sales drop because people won’t buy their products and US manufacturers that moved US jobs to China will bring them back home or move them to other countries that play by civilized rules.

Why hasn’t this massive cheating and stealing been headline news for decades? Greed! Sadly too many US corporations put short term profits ahead of their US employees and our nation’s economy and security.

President Trump needs our help to make this work. Now that all Americans know about China’s massive cheating and stealing with a goal of dominating the world, how can any patriot not support President Trump’s tariffs designed to protect America, your job, and to force China to play by civilized rules?

China is a very smart country and if they see that the American people support President Trump’s demands that they stop their cheating and stealing, they will. It is time for all of us to stand behind President Trump and stop buying Chinese made products until they start acting like a civilized country. Do it for your kids, grandkids, and America!

Link to Amazon for my book and to my authors page with pictures: www.amazon.com/author/randyrossi



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  1. You skipped the part where ALL the increases in costs are paid for by the american people. a 92 billion dollar TAX INCREASE. And meanwhile we borrow a trillion a year because of the unpaid for tax cuts to corporations and the nation’s wealthiest from CHINA. lol lol lol……
    How do you have a trade negotiations with the country that hold ALL of your debt. China makes interest off of our astronomical debt. They love us broke. Wonder what would happen if they simply pulled out of the US bond markets and called in all debts….. oh that’s gonna hurt.

  2. People from China come to USA and buy products made in China.
    because they are less expensive in USA.
    The China government is run by atheists.
    Lets pray that they will correct their ways.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht