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Thorner: Honest Scientific Evidence Discredits Global Warming Cultists’ Doom and Gloom



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By Nancy Thorner - 

There is not now, nor has there ever been, any scientific evidence proving mankind has affected the climate on a global scale, yet our media and “scientific community” tell us otherwise.

The world can warm and cool in natural cycles without any human interference.  For the past million years this has occurred over again many times at approximately 100,000-year intervals. About 80-90,000 years of ice age with about 10-20,000 years of warm period, give or take some thousands of years, but now the claim is that CO2 is leading the warming.

As noted by Richard Lindzen, an American atmospheric physicist known for his work in the dynamics of the middle atmosphere, atmospheric tides, and ozone:

“What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin.  It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world.”

This 3-minute "Rice" video made in 2012, featuring engineer and founder of the Galileo Movement Malcom Roberts, demonstrates the dimensions of the fraud and puts carbon dioxide into perspective.  Roberts did so by standing behind a table on which there was one pile containing 85,800 grains of rice and a much smaller pile containing just 33 grains.  As Roberts explains: Out of every 85,800 molecules of air, only 33 consist of carbon dioxide.  Of those 33, 32 are provided by Mother Nature; only one single grain is the result of the combined activities of seven and a half billion human beings; those activities including farming, industry, mining and transport.

United Nations as promoter of climate hoax

As the stretch of years with no statistically significant global warming lengthens — a 2016 report shows no Global Warming in 23 years – the U.N., as the foremost promoter of the Global Warming hoax, continues to warn of catastrophic happenings unless CO2 emissions are drastically reduced and soon!

A report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) outlines in frightfully stark terms what it would take to keep the earth’s temperature below 1.5 C of warming, which is the threshold for avoiding catastrophic climate change like the collapse of rain forests and coral reefs, rapid melting of the ice sheets that would swamp coastal cities around the world and heat extremes that could lead to millions of climate refugees. To avoid blowing through the 1.5 C target, nations of the world need to cut carbon pollution as fast as humanly possible. To be more precise, nations of the world need to get to zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The hypothesis for the U.N's man-caused global warming scare, viewed as the gold standard of climate science by globalists, is based almost entirely on computer modeling that are, quite simply, a bad scientific joke, but that hasn't stopped politicians from pouring hundreds of millions in taxpayer-funded grants to unethical scientists to keep the scam going.

There was a time before the left-wing junk scientists began vilifying what had previously been called the gas that keeps humans and animals alive, and crops and forests flourishing, everybody knew that without it Earth would be a barren rock.  Now the Left spends its time promoting junk science so long as it can be used to vilify capitalism, push for the bankruptcy of democratic industrial nations and bring about the destruction of what it regards as white culture. 

The “Green New Deal” legislation laid out by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey is U.N. oriented and sets goals for drastic measures to cut carbon emissions across this nation's economy. In that the Green New Deal rejects nuclear power, which is zero-emission, is evident that something else is going. It’s not about clean air but about centralized power and signing on for a massive government takeover of the economy.

Scientific evidence vs. junk science

David Icke proclaims in this you tube video pronounces global warming as the most blatant lie of modern times.  Mr. Icke begins by naming The Club of Rome, founded in April 1968 by Aurelio Peccei, as part of the network that came forth with the narrative to promote global warming.  In 1991 Aurelio Peccei had this to say in an article titled: The Common Enemy of Humanity is man:

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite., we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.  In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together.”

Mr. Icke goes on to explain how CO2 has become the enemy and the villain, although without CO2 and the Greenhouse effect it would be too cold for any life and nothing would grow without CO2.   Furthermore, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere in relation to other greenhouse gasses is fractional, and that produced by human technology is but a tiny fraction of that fraction."

Dr. Jay Lehr, an internationally renowned speaker, scientist, and author, and Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, have more to say about the impact of CO2 in the atmosphere in their article titled Global Warming Myth debunked:  Humans have Minimal Impact of Atmosphere's Carbon Dioxide and Climate:  

"Global warming activists argue carbon-dioxide emissions are destroying the planet, but the climate impacts of carbon dioxide are minimal, at worst. Activists would also have you believe fossil-fuel emissions have driven carbon-dioxide concentrations to their highest levels in history.

The geologic record reveals carbon dioxide has almost always been in Earths’ atmosphere in much greater concentrations than it is today. For example, 600 million years ago, when history’s greatest birth of new animal species occurred, atmospheric carbon-dioxide concentrations exceeded 6,500 parts per million (ppm) — an amount that’s 17 times greater than it is today.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide is currently only 410 parts per million. That means only 0.04 percent of our atmosphere is carbon dioxide (compared to 0.03 percent one century ago). Only one molecule in 2,500 is carbon dioxide. Such levels certainly do not pose a health risk, as carbon-dioxide levels in our naval submarines, which stay submerged for months at a time, contain an average carbon-dioxide concentration of 5,000 ppm."

More clarification is presented in yet another article by Lehr and Harris, Climate Hustlers Want to Create a World government that ultimately will enslave society:    

"No one disputes that at current rates, the burning of fossil fuels introduces 33 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. Climate Change advocates argue that the emission of this greenhouse gas is destroying the planet due to global warming. They would have you believe that humans control atmospheric CO2 levels and that fossil fuel emissions have driven CO2 concentrations higher than they have ever been.

They do not want anyone to bring up the geological history of the Earth, but instead simply focus on just the last 100 years of the Earth’s 4.6 billion-year history. The reason of course is that the geologic record does not support their belief that carbon dioxide controls the Earth’s climate."

Climate Change affects past civilization

Shifts in climate – both large and small – are at least partly responsible for the rise and fall of many ancient civilizations.  Following are examples of civilizations that suffered and even disappeared because of climate change:

  • Hunter-gatherers rapidly populated South America from around 14,000 years ago, setting up colonies in areas spanning from the high Andes to the Amazonian rainforest and the grasslands of Patagonia.  Past research has shown that around 8,200 years ago, around the start of the Middle Holocene, population levels in South America plummeted. It is thought that unpredictable levels of rainfall, particularly in the tropics, appear to have had a negative impact on pre-Columbian populations until 6,000 years ago.
  • Ubaris just one in a growing list of ancient sites in the Middle East that are emerging with help from satellite imagery. Even though Ubar is now located in one of the driest places on Earth, the region was once much wetter and underground water sources were plentiful. Ubar disappeared when water levels dipped so low that a sinkhole formed and enveloped the outpost.. Droughts have also been linked to the fall of the Maya around 900 AD and the demise of the spectacular Cambodian city of Angkor in the early 1400s.
  • As to the ancient Sumerian language, it is thought that a 200-year-long drought 4,200 years ago may have killed off the ancient Sumerian language. Because no written accounts explicitly mention drought as the reason for the Sumerian demise, the conclusions rely on indirect clues. But several pieces of archaeological and geological evidence tie the gradual decline of the Sumerian civilization to a drought.
  • For 1,000 years, long before Columbus, the Anasazi Indians were lords of what's now the American Southwest. Their civilization was as complex and sophisticated as that of the Mayans. Between 1275 and 1300 A.D., they stopped building entirely, and the land was left empty. Water is what made everything possible here. When rainfall was reliable and water tables were up, the Anasazi built their roads and monuments. Then, when the population reached its highest level, a severe drought hit. Malnutrition coursed through villages. Warfare broke out. Settlements that once stood proudly atop mesas fell to ruins.

In medieval times there was a 200 year period of cold weather and crop failure which led to widespread famine in Europe. A similar cold snap, called “The Little Ice Age” began in the 1600’s, lasting until the mid-19th century. Washington is shown crossing the Delaware River amidst heavy ice flows. The Delaware hasn’t frozen over in 150 years.

These events have something in common – none were caused nor affected by human activity. There is also a lesson to be learned – adapt or die. The ancient civilizations perished because they did not have the technology nor the resources to survive

What looms ahead?

This headline readsScientists and studies predict imminent global cooling ahead.  Drop in global temperatures almost a 'slam dunk'

The Climate cultists would have us abandon the very technology which will allow us to survive the next natural climate change. Whether heat or cold, deluge or drought, the climate will change, and we will need energy to adapt and survive.


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  1. One of the problems we face is man-made-climate-change has become a religion to about 1/2 the population and a significant number of people who would normally be skeptical are being told by their supposedly educated college children that man-made-climate-change is a fact. So in many cases you have an internal, trusted family resource telling people a falsehood giving the man-made-climate-change lie far greater impact.
    I have friends who have a daughter who is getting a degree in some environmental nonsense. She and her friends are supposedly so smart, so the B.S. is believed by the parents who are simply duped by their child.

  2. Love the history parts of this article, especially the conclusion “adapt or die.” The sad thing is, of the >1 billion USD spent EVERY DAY on climate finance around the world, only 5% of it is spent on adaptation. This is criminal, letting people suffer today due to natural climate change because we are focused on trying to stop it in the future.

  3. Yes, that’s the problem. This “global warming/climate change” nonsense has become a cult religion to some misinformed people.
    Like all religions, the believers in this stuff hysterically defend what can’t be scientifically proven.

  4. The Sun raises in the East and sets in the West.
    Some day the North Pole will be at the equator. This will be more years than any of will be alive.
    For all of the small changes. We will adapt.
    If a 100 mile diameter rock comes to us from space. Than we will have a radical change in our climate.
    Doris Day just died. So what will be will be.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  5. Thank you Nancy for writing another “truth to America” article. You always amaze me that your fingers are on the pulse of what needs exposure and truth. Thank you again for your hard word. We love what you do!

  6. The club of Rome sees the path to control as limiting education and duping the masses with propaganda.
    Sciences were removed as per-requisites for becoming a Journalist back in the 1980’s. Today they are easily fooled and are oblivious to fake science.
    Also in the 1980’s High school History texts (when taught) began sanitizing Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung as misunderstood great leaders. We now have 30 years of high-school grads – voters – who don’t realize that Germany was an enemy of the west for half of the 20th century – they havent a clue when it comes to understanding Corporate Fascism and its desire to rule Nations. This indoctrination into historical revisionism has led to the under 35’s of today demanding leftist socialism and an end to dis-respectfull free speech because the death of millions under anti freedom socialism was also conveniently removed from the history texts.

  7. Congratulations on this exposure of the so-called “green” movement….anthropogenic climate change has become a religion, promoted by “climate scientists”, businesses and politicians with a vested interest. No one is questioning the science anymore or the economic costs
    of meeting the misnamed “zero carbon” targets. Now our ill informed politicians have accepted there is a “climate emergency”….only in the U.K. ?
    The only group in the U.K. trying to present a more balanced and informed view on climate change is the GWPF, bu they have real trouble getting any representation on our mainstream media…particularly the BBC !

  8. I think that one of the main things that needs to be stopped, is the clearing of the forests for palm oil production. The forests are the lungs of the planet and themselves use the CO2 in photosynthesis, thus keeping the levels relatively stable.

  9. Public school brainwashing is a much bigger problem. I’m an older millennial and my school had older staff, so there was none of this. Most parents do not realize how much the schools have shifted since they were in school because it was a gradual process and they have not been in school for 20 years. Fortunately, for most people what goes in one ear goes out the other. That is NOT a negative. Most of the really mental people that I’ve known do not actually have this attribute, so they retain everything including all of the worst things.

  10. After everything we’ve seen come from the campuses for the last 5 years? I’m sorry, but your friends MIGHT be hopeless. Note that Harvard college dropout collective net worth exceeds Harvard college grad net worth. It’s time to quit college. That debt is NONdischargeable. You’d think these parents would figure it out when their kids major in BS.