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Weyermuller: Mourners Line up for final Goodbye to Andrew A.J. Freund



By Mark Weyermuller - 

Last Friday, hundreds of people stood in a line that stretched a three blocks long to pay respects to Andrew "AJ" Freund, whose body was found after being reported missing in Crystal Lake in late April.


The Davenport Funeral Home extended visitation Friday until 10PM to accommodate the large numbers that came from all over the state.  People were given a prayer card seen above as they signed a guest book. A table next to the tiny casket holding the 5-year-old's body displayed hundreds of flowers, notes, stuffed animals and other toys.

AJ was buried after a private family funeral Saturday.

The little boy was allegedly killed by his mother and father, who each are now being held on $5 million bond.  The parents had reported him missing before law enforcement affidavits say his father buried him in a shadow grave in nearby Woodstock as police and community members searched parks, ponds, and farms for the boy.  


The Crystal Lake community came together to try to make sense of it. I cannot make sense of it.  It was reassuring to see hundreds of people patiently waiting in line to pay final respects. My estimate is a few thousand people – many visibly shaken by the tragedy – stopped by the visitation which lasted 1:00pm till 8:00 pm. 

I stopped by the Freund home in Crystal Lake. The house is boarded up and still appears to be a crime scene as police were guarding it Friay.  There is a large shrine to A.J. out front with thousands of flowers, notes,, toys, and stuffed animals. The house is not in very good shape and I would not be surprised if it is torn down very quickly.

I cannot make sense of this murder of a five year old boy. My thoughts and prayers go out to Andrew, his brother, his family, and the people of Crystal Lake.


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  1. I was at AJ’s memorial on Friday.
    Davenport and the Crystal Lake police and the community did a great job.
    AJ’s parents should have been forced to sit through all ten hours of the memorial. Sober.

  2. Sad to say but DCFS is not a money making venture for contractors, vendors, lobbyists, political donors, lawyers, bond traders, etc
    The politicians are more interested in cash from federal grants, tollways, new taxes, issuing new bonds, Casinos, and now the craze about selling recreational weed. Last week some legislators got some FaceTime talking about DCFS but now it’s old news. Focus by Governor and lawmakers is more taxes and more weed.
    Don’t forget the pension mess, no time for that either.
    It’s about the children, only if some money is involved. Very sad and disturbing.

  3. As a Christian and a Republican, I feel very sorry for this little guy. Nothing he could have done at this tender age deserved what was done to him. If he had lived he might have been a great leader, or have made great contributions to education or science.
    If I was a Democrat, I would just excuse this as one of the “late-term abortions” now legalized in New York and Virginia.