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Rossi: The Bizarre Democrat Accusations of Trump/GOP Racism




By Randy Rossi - 

For those that have actually studied American history, the new endless 24/7 accusations by Democrats that President Trump, Republicans, and conservatives are racists is not only dishonest and slanderous, it is simply bizarre. Wasn’t the GOP the party of Lincoln and the Union Army that fought to free the slaves? Wasn’t the Democrat Party the party of the Confederate Army that fought to keep slavery? Wasn’t it the Republican Party that voted for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments which gave African Americans freedom and ended slavery, gave them American citizenship, and gave them the right to vote while the Democrat Party voted against all three of those amendments? The bottom line is that if the Democrats had won the Civil War, African  Americans could still be slaves and wouldn’t be able to vote!

During WWII it was Democrat President FDR that put Japanese Americans in internment camps which was obviously racial discrimination since he did not put German American or Italian American citizens in those camps. In 1964, a much higher percentage of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act which outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin than Democrats did. Therefore based on hard facts, Democrats have a 103 year record of racism (1861-1964) while Republicans have a 158 year record of freedom, equality, and independence for African Americans and other minorities (1861-today).

Sadly, too many schools don’t teach these hard facts anymore so too many young people simply don’t know the truth. But any informed American doesn’t need to know that history, they just need to be aware of what is happening today. Under Republican President Trump, not only do we have the lowest unemployment in 49 years, we have the lowest unemployment for African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian minorities in recorded U.S. history! Those minorities should be celebrating President Trump and the GOP! On top of that great news, middle class Americans including all minorities got a 3.2% pay raise under Trump, the best they have seen in 10 years. In addition to that, 65% of Americans including minorities got a tax cut thanks to President Trump and the GOP. Sadly, most Americans will not hear this good news on the biased “ Fake News”, they only hear bad news regarding President Trump and the GOP. President Trump and the GOP have done more to improve the lives of African Americans and minorities in America’s history than Democrats have ever done.

The most bizarre Democrat attacks on President Trump and the GOP is that we are all “Nazis”. Besides being dishonest and slanderous, it is just plain stupid because while Nazis murdered millions of Jews in the Holocaust, President Trump loves and respects Jews. President Trump’s daughter, grandchildren, and son-in-law are all Jewish. It is obviously pretty dumb to say he is anti-Semitic based on his own family, but on top of that President Trump is the first president to keep America’s decades long promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and move our embassy there. Trump is also the first president to recognize the Golan Heights as a critical part of Israel needed to protect them from attacks from Syria. While Nazis murdered millions of Jews, President Trump and the GOP have been loyal supporters of the Jewish state of Israel and have stood up for them as many countries constantly attack and slander Israel. I have been to beautiful Israel twice and as a loyal Republican, I fully support Israel against the insane and evil people dedicated to destroying them. It is the Democrats and liberals that are attacking and boycotting Israel, not Republicans.

The logical question is then, why are Democrats suddenly focusing on dishonestly and slanderously accusing President Trump and Republicans of being racists? Sadly, the answer is obvious. For two and a half years, Democrats and the “Fake News” have been screaming at the top of their lungs that President Trump colluded with Russia to illegally defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. They were hoping that would lead to Trump’s impeachment. Now that four investigations done by the Senate, the House, the FBI, and Mueller have all concluded that “There was no collusion between President Trump, the Trump Team, or any American”; Democrats have to shift to another phony attack on President Trump to demean him hoping to win in 2020. They have chosen racism as their new “Russian Collusion Hoax”. Sadly for them and good for America, because minorities are doing better and live better lives under President Trump than they ever lived under any Democrat,  that phony and slanderous “racism” charge against Trump and the GOP should fail if only facts and data rule.

These slanderous Democrat accusations of GOP racism represents a new low by Democrats that we have not seen since the Civil War and the Democrat’s Confederate Army. If President Trump’s economy continues to do well and minorities live better lives as a result of that good “Trump” economy, lets’ hope that African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities abandon the dishonest, destructive, and socialist Democrat camp and join President Trump’s and the GOP’s goal of “ Keeping America Great” for their sake and the sake of their children and grandchildren!


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  1. Several times, on facebook, when I read that many conservatives are racist, I said, “I showed that I wasn’t racist in the 2004 Illinois U.S. Senate race. I voted for Alan Keyes, instead of Barack Obama. I voted for the darkest candidate because he was the most conservative candidate.”