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Rossi: Is Equal Justice Dead?




By Randy Rossi - 

Finally the IG report on James Comey’s abuse of power by leaking documents to the news media to start the “Russian Collusion” investigation is out and it is devastating to Mr. Comey. It clearly points out that James Comey absolutely broke FBI rules, processes, and his employment agreement by keeping and leaking FBI documents with the admitted intent to start that phony investigation because he hated President Trump. The IG report summed it up by saying that Comey “Set a dangerous example for FBI employees” and they made a criminal referral to have Comey prosecuted. That’s the good news!

Sadly, the bad news is that despite the overwhelming evidence, the DOJ has chosen not to prosecute James Comey on this particular issue. Just like Hillary Clinton was not prosecuted for committing multiple felonies by not submitting the 30,000 of her e-mails that were subpoenaed and then destroying them and “acid washing” her computers hoping to hide those e-mails from the American people. My law professor told us 35 years ago that if we were subpoenaed by the feds to give them documents and refused to provide them and then destroyed those documents, we would go to jail for 10-20 years. Everybody but Hillary Clinton that is!

Is the core American value of “Equal Justice” for all now dead? Fortunately the American people held Hillary Clinton accountable by voting against her and electing Donald Trump. And hopefully the reason the DOJ chose not to prosecute James Comey on this particular issue is that they have “bigger fish to fry” regarding Comey. The word is that investigations have found that James Comey knowingly committed fraud by signing the illegal FISA warrants that initiated what we now know was the “Russian Collusion Hoax” which Comey knew was based on a phony Russian dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Multiple sources are saying that this FISA investigation will be devastating to Comey and others and will result in many criminal charges. Let’s hope that is true and justice will be done to protect our democracy, the rule of law, and “Equal Justice”! Justice will be James Comey in an orange jump suit!


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  1. Equal Justice hasn’t existed for about two generations in this country. The white male has been disparaged, held back, had the law used as cudgel against him since affirmative action began.
    And I tell you this as a former member of our military and employee of DHS, I would never ever trust my Government again to administer justice or tell the truth.
    And this American will never assist law enforcement or the FBI ever again. The damage Barr just did by failing to prosecute Comey can never be undone.
    The failure to go after Hillary, Lerner, Obama, the New Black Panthers, ANTIFA, the presence of illegal aliens, clearly demonstrates the rule of law is not applied equally but rather depends on who you know, who you are, and what political or racial affiliations you have.
    The country is a joke. The Roberts Court is corrupt. What a said ending to a once magnificent nation. The only justice out there is that which you administer yourself.