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Illinois College Republican Federation Statement on Northwestern Univ. Scandal



Photo: Mark Weyermuller

What the Radical Left lacks in employability and maturity, it makes up for with its impressive ability, despite all odds, to continue to outdo itself. 

Just last week at Northwestern University, Leftist activists engaged in another instance of what they like to call “protest” against former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Those with common sense and a mastery of the complex and mysterious tool that is the dictionary, however, know “insanity” when we see it. 

A “protestor” doesn’t attempt to break into a room they are prohibited from “by climbing through windows and pushing their way through open doors.” Nor does a “protestor” “[yell] through cracks in the doors” at those inside. Those in the know like to call those actions “trespassing” and “public nuisance.” Big words, for sure. 

A protestor claimed that they did so because “[they] wanted to be in the space and make [their] presence known.” Did it ever occur to them that, perhaps, nobody cares want they want? Simply put, what does a broken record bring to the conversation that a former top-level public official doesn’t? 

Then again, of course, as campus history dictates, if you scream loudly enough into the void, perhaps your school paper will apologize for doing its job and for “retraumatizing” the student body. Unfortunately, this is precisely what happened: the Daily Northwestern prostrated itself before the protestors, and abdicated the important responsibility that a supposedly unbiased publication should have to inform its local community. 

This move happened to annoy many real journalists and even the dean of Northwestern’s own school of journalism, but I feel that this incident has somewhat of a bigger significance for the Illinois College Republican Federation. Look what conservatism is up against—for all of this talk of “Blue Waves,” all you should see is opportunity; as the people of Illinois step into the ballot box in a year, fiascos like these are what’s going to drive people to the party of practicality and reason: the GOP. 

Even if you’re no longer on a college campus, do your part and stand up for what you believe in—clearly, the Daily Northwestern, and other institutions like it, can’t be counted on.    

Matthew Pinna
Illinois College Republican Federation  


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