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Rossi: Taking Out Soleimani – It’s About Time!




By Randy Rossi - 

Iran’s Qasem Soleimani has been responsible for the murders of hundreds of U.S. troops and hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East through barbaric terrorism for over two decades. He has been dedicated to destroying our best ally Israel through terrorism and rocket attacks. Sadly, this monster was allowed to continue to kill innocent people even though he was clearly identified as a terrorist by the UN and EU because too many world leaders including Barack Obama did not have the courage to take him out even when his Quds Force tried to assassinate a foreign diplomat in Washington D.C. Until President Trump!

Unlike President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who took no action to protect our embassy in Benghazi which resulted in the death of our ambassador and three other Americans, President Trump aggressively protected our embassy in Iraq providing strong military support that got the attackers to back down. And that strength saved many American lives. Then when Soleimani was spotted just a few miles from our embassy in Bagdad and we had intelligence which said he was going to start new attacks on our embassy, President Trump ordered our military to take him out and they did. Patriots applauded Trump’s decision and our military’s success while Democrats who are trying to impeach President Trump criticized him. More proof that if President Trump cured cancer Democrats would impeach him for it!

Interesting to note, Democrats criticized President Trump when he did not strike back when Iran shot down our drone because no lives were lost. But now Dems hypocritically criticize him after he struck back because Iran killed an American contractor and then attacked our embassy in Iraq. Trump is following Ronald Reagan’s strategy of massive pain to get Iran to stop their aggression. President Reagan sank 1/3 of Iran’s navy in operation “Praying Mantis” in the 80s for their military aggression on our ships and Iran backed down for a decade. Unlike Democrat Jimmy Carter who allowed Iran to keep 52 Americans captured from our Iranian embassy hostages for 444 days. But when Republican Ronald Reagan took office, the Iranians released those 52 Americans knowing that Reagan would hold them accountable . He proved them right when he destroyed 1/3 of their navy later on when they attacked our ships. President Trump is simply following Reagan’s successful game plan to get Iran to act like a civilized nation. If you punish bad behavior, you get less of it! Sadly, U.S. Democrats and much of Europe have followed Neville Chamberlain’s weak and disastrous “appeasement” strategy which rewarded Hitler’s aggression and brought on WWII and the death of 60 million people.

While Democrats keep saying that President Trump has no plan regarding Iran’s terrorism, they are missing the obvious. President Trump has made his plan crystal clear. He has told Iran that if they stop their terrorism and attacks on Americans, there can be peace. If they don’t stop their aggression, they will pay a huge price including the destruction of their military and massive financial penalties which will bankrupt Iran and no doubt lead to a revolution which throws out the terrorist government of Iran and brings freedom to the Iranian people. As President Reagan said, “Peace through strength”!


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