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Rossi: Vote Like a Responsible Adult, Not to Avoid Tough Choices




By Randy Rossi - 

This is the most important election since the American Civil War, especially the election for president. One thing is perfectly clear that I suspect everybody would agree with; neither candidate is perfect and each has their flaws. The other thing that we can all agree with is that in the end, either Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be elected as our president, nobody else can win. That means that responsible voters have to choose between “the lesser of two evils”. What is not acceptable is for anybody to avoid making the hard adult choice and instead either voting for a 3rd candidate that can’t possibly win or not voting at all to avoid what is a difficult choice for some. Voting for a candidate that can’t win or not voting is a perfect example of irresponsible cowardice and gross negligence. It is a betrayal of our patriotic duty of voting for what we think is the best candidate that will lead our country.

The bottom line is that we must vote for the candidate that best meets our personal values and supports our Constitution, Bill of Rights, our traditional American values and the futures of our kids and our country. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate. The Wall Street Journal published a great opinion piece by Ruth Wise that beautifully explains this, “Vote for the Czar, It’s Important”. It explains how a Polish student left Poland after WWI and went to Russia to support the communist party against the Russian Czar. The communist party won and she (and all of Russia!) suffered horribly under communism for decades. In the end, she realized that while the Czar was not perfect, life under communism was “totalitarian hell”!  She had to choose between the lesser of two evils and she chose poorly.

We actually have a very simple choice in my opinion. While President Trump can be harsh and does indeed send out rough tweets, he has fully delivered on his promises to America. He did indeed appoint 2 conservative judges to the Supreme Court and more federal judges in 4 years than any previous president. He also cut taxes which before the Covid 19 pandemic, created the best economy and lowest unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians in U.S. history. The stock market has reached all-time highs under President Trump which has helped all of our 401Ks. Trump was the first president to pressure China to stop its massive cheating and stealing and the first president to pressure our NATO partners to meet their 2% GDP defense spending promise. President Trump has dramatically rebuilt our military and significantly improved the VA to serve our warriors. He has significantly reduced illegal immigration which costs American tax payers over $100 billion a year and thousands of jobs. And he is the first president to keep his word to Israel when he recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and moved our embassy there. On top of that he has made America energy independent which has not only reduced our gas prices, it has improved our national security. President Trump has indeed “Made America Great Again” and reminded America and the world that America has brought freedom to over a billion people in the world in WWI, WWII, and in the Cold War with our blood and treasure including the Marshall Plan which rebuilt Europe after WWII with our money. Without America all of Europe would be speaking German or Russian and all of Asia would be speaking Japanese! Finally, President Trump has renegotiated better trade deals with Canada, Mexico, Japan, and other countries that have increased American jobs and improved our economy. Not a bad score card!

The down side is that President Trump can be tough and rude as he fights for America. That turns off some voters, particularly suburban women. But as William Bennet (Sec. of Education for Reagan) famously said “Sometimes you need a Mother Theresa and sometimes you need a Dirty Harry”. Sadly, we need a “Dirty Harry” today because Washington D.C. has become a corrupt cesspool ruled by political elites that have been bought by Wall Street, China, and other sources that care more about their incomes and profits then America. I refer to President Trump as the General George Patten of our times. Patton was indeed rude and crude, but he was a great general and a major reason why America and its allies beat Germany in WWII. Patton got good things done while being rude and crude as has President Trump.

Joe Biden on the other hand is the perfect example of the “D.C. Swamp”. He has been a D.C. politician for 47 years living off the American tax payer. He has been on every side of every issue depending on who donated to his pocketbook and funded his family. Today Biden has become the “Trojan Horse” of socialist Democrats and Biden has endorsed the Green New Deal, open borders, much higher taxes for everybody, Medicare for all, and free health care for illegal immigrants; all of which will bankrupt America. He is also a friend of China as his family has made millions from China. Biden is the guy who said, “Come on man, China is not our enemy. They are good people”. He said that as China steals $450 billion a year in U.S. technology and has put over a million religious people in concentration camps!


So my fellow Americans you have the responsibility of making a choice, not hiding from it. You can either vote for a businessman who can be rude and crude who has indeed “Made America Great Again” and delivered on all of his promises, or you can vote for a 47 year politician that has sold his soul for personal gain. You can vote for Republican Donald Trump who has defended America and our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our traditional American values or you can vote for Democrat Joe Biden that will make America a socialist nation that controls every aspect of your life from what kind of car you can drive, what kind of job you can have, what temperature you can set your air conditioner on, and what you can have for dinner. But you can’t run and hide from this vote and vote for a 3rd party candidate that can’t possibly win or refuse to vote because you don’t have the courage to make a hard choice. Actually it really isn’t a hard choice. A vote for Republican Donald Trump is a vote for freedom and democracy. A vote for Democrat Joe Biden is a vote for socialism and the loss of freedom. It should be an easy vote for any rational and informed person! But vote you must for either Trump or Biden if you have any sense of decency and responsibility.


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