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Rossi: Woodward’s Book and National Memory Loss




By Randy Rossi - 

As I watch the national hysteria over Bob Woodward’s book in which he attacks President Trump’s comments on trying to project calm during the Covid 19 pandemic, I am wondering if a majority of Americans are suffering from severe memory loss. Doesn’t everyone remember how virtually all Democrats attacked President Trump and called him a xenophobe when he stopped all travel from China on January 31 to protect American lives? He was the first world leader to do that and then virtually every country followed his lead. Even Dr. Fauci said that President Trump saved thousands of lives by doing so. And while President Trump stopped all travel from China on 1/31, Democrat Governor Cuomo was on record saying that Covid 19 was a manageable threat on February 7. Democrat Nancy Pelosi said all was good and “Come on down to Chinatown” on February 24, and Democrat Joe Biden said on February 28 that we should not panic over Covid 19. President Trump took aggressive action to protect America while Democrats were telling America Covid 19 was no big deal. Doesn’t everyone remember that?

On top of all that, President Trump sent hospital ships to New York City and Los Angeles, made America the ventilator and Covid 19 testing capitol of the world, and recommended that all states practice social distancing, wearing masks, and temporarily shutting down if necessary  to stop the spread of Covid 19 to make sure our hospitals didn’t become overloaded. Trump also provided temporary hospitals for several major cities including Chicago to handle the expected surge of Covid 19 patients. He repeatedly warned us that if he did not take these steps, Covid 19 could kill as many as 2 million Americans. Doesn’t everyone remember all that? Governors from all over the U.S. thanked President Trump for his help on ventilators and other resources which saved countless lives.

Now Democrats and the “Fake News” are attacking President Trump for doing exactly what FDR did when he said “All we have to fear is fear itself”. Dr. Fauci just publicly said that President Trump did not distort the Covid 19 crisis or our progress in handling it. As a good leader, on the one hand President Trump worked hard to make sure we could handle Covid 19 by preparing for the worst case scenario. On the other hand he tried hard to insure Americans that America was making good progress and that he had high confidence that we could successfully handle this crisis. Pretty evil to keep Americans calm and focused in tough times right? Anybody with a memory should be outraged by these ridiculous attacks on President Trump who on the one hand made fantastic progress on leading the fight against Covid 19, saving lives, and helping America break all records for making progress on successful therapies and vaccines for a pandemic while at the same time calming Americans down and assuring them that we can successfully handle this crisis.


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  1. Woodward is a leftist hack and liar, as he always was.
    The Press’s current task is to spread (or invent) any lies detrimental to Trump, and that is why the press and electronic media is fast losing credibility.
    I predict his book will be as unsellible as Hillary’s books were.