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Rossi: Thankfully the “Salem Witch Trial” Impeachment Charade Is over!




By Randy Rossi - 

Those of us that have been educated in law school and studied history and our Constitution and Bill of Rights were absolutely amazed at the unconstitutional, illegal, irrational, and immoral impeachment charade that the Dems brought against a president that was no longer in office. I recently read a horrifying book on the Salem Witch Trials and this outrageous impeachment charade reminded me of that horror in which several people were hung as witches based on insane and absurd testimony in many cases by hysterical children. The testimony of those Democrats who used raw and uninformed opinions and pure emotion to illegally try and impeach a president out of office was just like the hysterical children’s testimony in those Salem Witch trials. Instead of presenting legal facts and precedent, these Dems played endless videos of the violence at the capitol which we all have already watched a million times. They were counting on emotion, not the law or logic to impeach a former president.

Here are the uncomfortable facts that these Democrat “Witch Trial” prosecutors forgot to address. First and most disgusting, when they replayed President Trump’s speech which they said caused the violence, they dishonestly left out the part when President Trump clearly said to the people “I know that you will be peacefully and patriotically marching to the capitol to have your voices heard”. Leaving that out was outrageous, dishonest, and slanderous. That alone should prove President Trump innocent of inciting an insurrection. But it gets far worse for Dems. The 1st Amendment specifically gives the American people “The right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. That is exactly what President Trump said in his speech. The “grievance” 75% of the 74 million American people who voted for President Trump have is that they think that the election was “rigged” or illegal. They have the legal right to have that opinion and to ask for a “redress” of their “grievances”. Yet Democrats and the “Fake News” are slandering any American that exercises their 1st Amendment right to express that opinion. That is a direct attack on our 1st Amendment rights!

On top of all that, the Constitution clearly says that impeachment is to be used to remove an executive from office. President Trump was already out of office when the impeachment charges were sent to the Senate. Therefore as virtually every Constitutional legal scholar has gone on record saying, it is unconstitutional to impeach an executive who is out of office. It is unconstitutional and illegal to impeach a private citizen which is what Donald Trump is now! But of course the Constitution and the rule of law don’t matter to socialist Democrats!

Thankfully President Trump’s team did an outstanding job of exposing the Democrat’s incredible hypocrisy on their unconstitutional attacks on our President. Dems tried to prove that because President Trump asked Americans to “fight” for their rights and our country, he was inciting those riots. Trump’s team played videos of dozens of prominent Democrats saying dozens and dozens of times that the people should fight for their country. Dems that did exactly what they were trying to impeach former President Trump of doing included President Biden, VP Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and dozens more. It even gets worse when some of these Democrats specifically threatened violence and even killing President Trump “tonight”. On top of that, Trump’s team played videos of Dems saying that the horrific violence from liberal groups like BLM and Antifa which caused over $2 billion of damage to 140 cities in the US for over 220 days and hurt over 1,000 police officers and killed over a dozen police officers should continue. Publicly supporting 220 days of violence across America is OK for Dems, but they want to impeach President Trump for asking the American people to “peacefully and patriotically have your voices heard”!

This unconstitutional impeachment attempt is an insult to all Americans. It assumes that the American people don’t know the rights our 1st Amendment gives us and it assumes the American people are uninformed and stupid. Dems were hoping that uninformed emotion would rule; not facts and the rule of law. Thankfully, 43 Republican senators had the courage to stand up for the truth and the rule of law and this outrageous “Salem Witch Trial” impeachment charade failed. At what point will the American people become outraged? For 3 years the socialist Dems screamed at the top of their lungs that Republican President Trump “stole”  the election from Democrat Hillary Clinton. They did this through what we now know was a fraudulent “Russian Collusion Hoax” which was created and paid for by Democrat Hillary Clinton and the DNC. That is treason! When that failed Dems then launched the first bizarre impeachment attempt in which they accused President Trump of doing exactly what Democrat VP Biden did to help his son Hunter make millions of dollars through the Ukraine and then avoid a legal investigation because Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion of US aid from Ukraine if they didn’t fire their AG doing that investigation. Thankfully that phony impeachment attempt on President Trump failed as well although nobody brought charges on Democrat VP Biden for his illegal “Quid pro quo”.

Sadly because of the complicity of the “Fake News” which is a propaganda arm of the socialist Democrat Party and hides the truth from Americans, most Americans simply don’t know or understand the truth. Our great republic is at the razor’s edge of disaster. Thankfully we just “dodged another bullet” thanks to the bravery of those 43 Republicans, but I am afraid that with a Democrat controlled White House, Congress, and their “Fake News” partner; the battle for freedom has just begun!


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