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Thorner: Domestic Terrorism: The Nation’s Biggest Threat?




By Nancy Thorner –

On January 11, 2022 it was announced that the US Dept of Justice has created a special squad to target homegrown extremism, citing a rise in “anti-government and anti-authority ideologies” from within the American populace.

The department already had a counter terrorism section in its national security division, but Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen recently told US lawmakers that a new group of lawyers was needed to “augment our existing approach”and ensure that cases are coordinated and handled properly across the country.

Leaving no doubt as to the types of ideologies that the DOJ is targeting with its terrorism crackdown, Olsen told senatorsthat the Capitol breach is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. However, none of the more than 700 people who have been arrested in connection with the riot has been charged with insurrection or a terrorism-related offense.


Parents as targets of Dept of Justice
Parents who are angry over politically charged school curriculum may fit that description, according to the National School Boards Association, which sent a letter to Biden last September asking for Washington’s help in responding to threats against education officials. The group likened some of the heated protests to “domestic terrorism.”
Attorney General Merrick Garland responded a few weeks later, ordering an FBI crackdown on threats against school officials. FBI director Christopher Ray told senators last September that his agency’s domestic-terrorism caseload had “exploded” since 2020, to about 2,700 investigations.
Action needed
Unless Americans wish to see their nation develop into a police state, they better wake up and take an active role by calling their legislators and even forming peaceful protests to push back at an overreaching government that is out of control.  


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  1. On page 32 of the Democrat Party Platform 2020. It State that the Killing of Americans by the cruel, painful death of dismemberment abortion is a right.
    They use the word “Choice”. yet it means the above.
    Ora Et Labora
    Carl Lambrecht

  2. There is obvious corruption within our government. The FBI and Dept of Justice are doing things that attack our own citizens! We have people in jail that attended the January 6 Capital event as peaceful attendees.
    They were arrested only because they were there! One woman who was not armed was shot by a Capital Policeman!
    She is dead because ?
    Biden has to be impeached for allowing these horrendous actions!