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Thorner: Midwest Freedom Convoy Stops Saturday In Illinois



6a00d834515c5469e202942f9a8481200c-500wiBy Nancy Thorner - 

It was Kristi Hickem's original group, ILLINOIS FREEDOM FIGHTERS, that joined forces with the Midwest Freedom Convoy to D.C.

Chris Merrill is both a participant in the convoy and a volunteer Illinois leader of the Midwest Freedom Convoy to DC. 
We formed the Midwest freedom convoy to DC page roughly about 3 and ½ weeks ago. Started by 4 of us, which then expanded and now we have a core group of 6 who have had volunteers from many of the states we now encompass in the American Freedom Convoy. We are not part of The People’s Convoy. We are our own convoy and share the same goal, but we are separate from them with different routes, stops, and times. 
Brief description of each convoy coming into the state of Illinois:
  • Interstate 90/94 which then merges onto Interstate 39 – WA, MT, ND, SD, MN, WI
  • Interstate 80/84 – OR, ID, UT, WY, NE, IA
  • Interstate 70 – CO, KS, MO

Questions answered:
  1. Stop in Oglesby, IL will be at the Love’s Truck Stop. Myself (Mr. Merrill) and the Interstate 80 convoy should be arriving around 12:30pm on March 5th. The convoy coming down I-39 from WI will arrive around 2pm.  Depending on how large each convoy is, myself and the I-80 convoy will start filing out while the I-39 convoy either catches up to us or they may stop in Oglesby to pick up any other supplies and fuel if needed.  Items can still be brought to Oglesby, though depending on how many trucks, and if we have trailers with any of us, we may not be able to bring it all with us. All times are approx.
  2. Oakwood, IL. No rally will be held, due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot hold one here. We are able to use the truck stops to mingle and set things up. We will be at the truck stops in town, there are 4 of them. The main one will be the Pilot. The others are Love’s, Phillips 66, and Speedway. We will arrive in Oakwood sometime around 4pm-4:30pm. Leaving by 6pm-6:30pm. All times are approx..
  3. The number of trucks will always be fluid moving forward, as of last ESTIMATES we are expecting anywhere from 800-1200 drivers in Oglesby between both groups from the north and west.
  4. Our convoy just started this afternoon in several states, so far no anti protests have been reported. We have had reports of many supporters showing up to cheer us on and see us off.
  5. Yes, we started our original page as just the Midwest. We, the American Freedom Convoy, now encompasses many other states. We have people reaching out to us from the west coast, as well as the south east. We have also partnered with another large convoy group named Frontline Truckers out of the south west.
  6. We will be converging on Spiceland, Indiana where the I-74, the I-70, and I-69 convoy coming down from Michigan will merge. As we move further east towards our goal we will be picking up groups in Ohio as well.
  7. So far we haven’t had any stops since our convoy just started earlier this afternoon, March 3, 2022. However, we have been in communication with all of our stops or at least the parent company and Midwest have been welcomed at most places.
Oglesby supply drop off
Supplies listed below can be brought to Oglesby for delivery at the second IL stop, Oakwood, IL.
Dry Goods
Non-perishable food
High Energy Food Items
Peanut Butter/Jelly'
Trail Mix/Nuts
Granola Bars/Fruit Bars
Canned Food
Gear/Special Items
Warm Clothes
Baby Wipes
Charcoal/Lighter Fluid
Trash Bags
Pet Food
Plastic Utensils
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Kitty Litter/Salt
Large Tarps
Hard Hats
Reflections Vests
Safety Orange Cones
First Aid Supplies/Kit
Thick Gloves
Batteries – All Sizes
Knee Pads
Roadside Glow Stick
Jumper Cables
Fire Extinguishers
Fuel and Gift Cards are also welcome\
Standing up for freedom
Called the Northeast convoy, it kicked off the long drive at 7 a.m. on March 2, pushing from Hermon, Maine, which is the center of the state best known for its outdoor activities.
Truckers went to a rally located at the seasonal roadside motel, which borders a truck stop in the I-95 at Kennebunk.
Here a big group of people was waving flags, and other sentiments were there for the sendoff. Many had been vaccinated or not, which was a statement of how the government wanted segregation to promote unwanted policies.
Closing thoughts
It is important to try to attend, if at all possible, one of the two stops in IL.  
It is all about our freedoms and bringing back a country we can be proud of again. These men and women who are headed to DC are sacrificing a lot for everyone's freedom.
May many Illinoisans, and those gathering from other states, be at the Illinois stops tomorrow to wave their flags in support of the truckers.'
If our Constitutional Republic is to survive the many assaults against its Constitution, the cause of freedom and preserving it must remain of paramount importance by "We the People". 


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  1. I was alerted by Chris Merrill that a third stop was added in South Beloit, IL by the group coming down out of Wisconsin. They are planning a quick fuel stop before continuing. The estimated time for arrival in South Beloit is 11:00 a.m.