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Rossi: Dems and Governor Pritzker Just Told You What Republican They Fear Most in November!



J._B._Pritzker_(cropped)By Randy Rossi - 

Illinois Democrat Governor Pritzker and the Democrat Governors Association just gave all Republican voters in Illinois a magnificent gift! They told us in a multimillion dollar advertising campaign what Republican candidate for governor that they fear most in the 2020 election!! There is only one rational reason why Dems and Governor Pritzker would pay millions of dollars attacking a Republican candidate for governor in the Republican primaries. Obviously their goal is to convince Republican voters to vote against the strongest Republican candidate in the primaries and to vote for weaker candidates that they know Pritzker can beat in the November elections so that he will be reelected and will continue to cause massive damage to Illinois for another term.

What Republican candidate do they fear the most? The current Republican mayor of Aurora Illinois which is the 2nd largest city in Illinois, Mayor Richard Irwin! Why do they fear him so much? Because he has an excellent record of achievement and he is the perfect example of achieving “The American Dream”! Mayor Irwin is African-American and was born to a single mother and raised in public housing in Aurora. He beat the odds and graduated from high school and then joined the US Army to fight in “Desert Storm” and became a decorated war veteran. He then graduated from college with a B.A. and then got his law degree. Since getting his law degree he has served as a prosecutor, assistant attorney general, and defense attorney and then was elected as the first African-American mayor of Aurora. That is the definition of “The American Dream”!

How are Democrat Governor Pritzker and The Democrat Governor’s Association attacking him? Instead of admitting his wonderful achievements and his strong conservative values in prosecuting criminals, protecting the rule of law, lowering taxes, and other great achievements; they attack Irwin because he was a defense attorney who defended accused citizens hoping that would turn off Republican primary voters. They are hoping that Republicans don’t understand that our U.S. Constitution says all accused Americans are innocent until proven guilty and have a right to a defense attorney!!! Republicans need to know that Mayor Irwin did exactly what our Founding Father John Adams did when he bravely defended British soldiers accused of murder after the Boston Massacre! Actually it is pretty funny that Dems who want to defund the police and let convicted criminals “skate” after committing crimes attack Mayor Irwin for defending accused citizens. But they are hoping to fool Republican voters so they will choose a weaker candidate then Mayor Irwin.

Sadly, Democrats know that too often, Republicans lose elections because they get caught up in “The circular firing squad”. That is why they are attacking the Republican candidate for governor that they fear most in the primary before the general election. They are hoping that Republican voters don’t notice at the end of their ad attacking Republican Mayor Irwin that as required by law, it says in very tiny print “Paid for by The Democrat Governors Association”. Here is my request for my fellow Republican voters in Illinois, please don’t get “sucker punched” by Democrat Pritzker and his fellow Dems. In fact, you should vote for Republican Richard Irwin because the Dems have admitted he is the best Republican candidate that can beat Pritzker and he is a true hero that has lived the “Great American Dream”! Why else would they attack him in the Republican primary?


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  1. Maybe because they are obeying the old saying, “all publicity is good publicity”… For the Dems to slam Irvin, that gives uneducated Republican voters the idea that Irvin must be a good guy who disagrees with the Dems. Their ads HELP Irvin in the primary, and I’m sure that’s why they ran them.
    Richard Irvin is not a real Republican… not Republican on any of the issues… not Republican in activism or history… not a man we could expect to be any improvement.
    At best, he might be another Bruce Rauner …. but that’s at BEST. I think he might be much, much worse.
    I wouldn’t fall for this effort. We have three real, committed, long-time proven Republicans in the race – Bailey, Schimpf and Rabine. There’s no reason for any primary voter to consider the RINOs or also-rans at all.

  2. And evidently Richard Irvin fears Darren Bailey the most in the Republican primary or else he wouldn’t have dumped all of that money into those nasty spam mailers going out to everyone. With Bailey ads on TV now after all of the millions and millions of dollars spent on ads for Richard Irvin I wonder how Rauner Junior is faring in his campaign’s internal polling? It must not be good. Having voted in every Democrat primary but one (when he voted for Bruce Rauner over Jeanne Ives) in the last ten years is a real killer.

  3. NO, this is the classic Todd Akin strategy. Attack the one you want to run in the fall and pretend it is the one you fear. The mailing was totally illegal. Irvin is trying to hide his Democrat past by attacking Bailey for trying to stop Obama in 2008: ttps://www.effinghamdailynews.com/news/local_news/irvin-s-campaign-acknowledges-mailer-blasting-bailey-violated-election-code-blames-the-printer/article_5c6db236-b4e6-11ec-9ac4-df729126710d.html
    How anyone who calls themselves a Republican can support Irvin is beyond me. I dare you or anyone else to look at the evidence below. Irvin is the most pathetic statewide candidate I have ever seen. Even Gay Dan Rutherford has better credentials and positions.
    Irvin’s pay roll girlfriends: https://mchenrycountyblog.com/2022/01/16/irvin121821/ Democrat voting record: https://stampactpac.locals.com/post/1565253/richard-irvins-voting-record No good on pro-life: https://www.illinoisreview.com/illinoisreview/2022/02/gop-candidate-richard-irvin-backs-out-of-answering-abortion-question.html 180 degree flip-flop on Pritzker’s “criminal justice” bill: https://www.chicagotribune.com/politics/elections/ct-richard-irvin-crime-bill-letter-20220322-hwoa7zao2jgc5oqwv6m5amu4iq-story.html For the House Democrat Gun Control Bill: https://www.usmayors.org/gun-violence/

  4. Just because Pritzker says he doesn’t like Irvin or is possibly doing a reverse psychology / 4 d chess to make you think Irvin is who he fears doesn’t mean you should make a knee jerk reaction and support a guy who praised Pritzker and Obama and was a huge supporter of BLM not long ago. Richard Irvin is a phony. Rossi is saying we need to embrace phony Republicans to own the libs. Just vote for libs pretending to be Republicans to own the libs. This is nonsense. JB Pritzker could be on film crying about Richard Irvin and I still wouldn’t support Irvin because I think Irvin is a phony and I don’t sell out my beliefs because of what I think Pritzker thinks. Do you think for yourself or base it on what Pritzker thinks? Like I said, Pritzker could be duping you anyway. What if Pritzker wants to face Irvin and is counting on you to support Irvin as a knee jerk reaction because he pretends to not like Irvin? Democrats are capable of thinking one step ahead but I know that’s a real struggle for you Republicans to do… You have plenty a losing record to back up your garbage strategies or lack thereof. Republicans are great at losing! But I say you will lose no matter who you run. So don’t take yourself too seriously. Pritzker is going to win. Vote for who you want to vote for. It doesn’t matter. Pritzker will win in November. Republicans told me Mitt Romney would beat Obama. Republicans told me McCain would beat Obama. Republicans never know anything. Never listen to Republican “experts.” They don’t know a thing. Just do the right thing and don’t worry so much about what Republican experts or what Pritzker thinks or pretends to think… You should not base your vote on what you think Pritzker thinks. That’s super messed up and you should feel bad about writing this article. Did you learn ANYTHING from Rauner? You’re not going to tell me that in addition to being poor strategists Republicans also have the memory of a goldfish, are you? Imagine men of great stature like Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan looking at Illinois Republicans. They would be embarrassed. Those guys were winners, not losers. Even ol’ Silent Cal would have some choice words for you people who are NO GOOD at winning! But Rossi thinks Republicans can win if they elect a Democrat who is pretending to be a Republican. And this is considered great wise advice these days apparently. lol

    Strongest candidate? Republican candidate?
    Wait, let me catch my breath…….
    Nope, can’t do it. Nor can I vote for the ILGOP’s cash cow for Governor.

  6. IF Irvin makes it through the primary, I won’t stay home – I will go and vote Republican in all other races, leaving the Governor’s race blank (and urge every Republican I know to do the same) and hope that a HUGE undervote in that Governor’s race would send a message, loud and clear, to the ILGOP.