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Eaton: Is Irvin the only one that can beat Pritzker in the General?



Governor JB Pritzker (center) with Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin (3rd from left)

In only ten days, early voting will begin in the IL GOP 2022 primary. 

Illinois Family Action has invited Illinois Review editor Fran Eaton to write about the upcoming IL GOP primary gubernatorial race. 

You may want to take a few minutes to review the questions being asked by Illinois conservatives of the candidate IL GOP officials are pushing onto the conservative base – just like they did in 2014 and 2018 with former Governor Bruce Rauner.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin’s campaign backers’ mantra is “Irvin’s the only one that can beat Pritzker in the General.”

But is Richard Irvin really the only Illinois Republican candidate that can beat the current governor in the upcoming 2022 General Election? And who is this Richard Irvin? Let’s take a closer look.

Interesting Facts About the REAL Richard Irvin

  • Irvin publicly applauded Gov. JB Pritzker for his tyrannical COVID-19 policies
  • Irvin has consistently supported Leftist activist groups such as Planned Parenthood, Gay Pride Parades, and Black Lives Matter – which works hand in hand with radical anarchists such as Antifa
  • Irvin has questionable financial dealings as Aurora mayor with Ken Griffin projects
  • Irvin has made vicious and untruthful campaign attacks on fellow Republicans
  • Irvin has very confusing family values

The Democratic Governors’ Association’s ads are already attacking Irvin’s criminal defense law practice by pointing to sleazy criminals they claim Irvin helped to escape stronger punishment — launching the effort to undermine Irvin’s claims he will fight crime and defend law enforcement.

Here's the rest of the piece … And thanks to Illinois Family Action for the opportunity to share!  


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  1. None of them can or will defeat Pritzker, but more importantly the premise that Irvin is the “most electable” is bunk and his nomination could even *depress* Republican turnout. Stop thinking just because he’s black and moderate he’ll do well. Black people don’t elect black Republicans, number 1. Number 2, there’s a difference between being a moderate and a flip-flopper backed by a billionaire. Irvin is a phony. Everybody knows it. Stop listening to strategists and pundits. They’re wrong about Irvin like they’ve been wrong about tons of things.

  2. There is only one reason the REPUBLICANS are doing NOTHING about 2020 ELECTION FRAUD.
    Their silence on the 2000 mules is everything you need to know. Even the ones I want to believe are good say nothing, like Hawley. He is just better at the theatrics. Piton is the only one who has earned my vote so far for IL primary.

  3. Election and the national security breakdown of our borders are even bigger issues than inflation and the economy. It’s why pro-life and pro-gun champion Mandel lost to Vance. In a state where a heart beat bill and Constitutional Carry passed, those issues weren’t enough any more. Vance is a sleaze ball but Mandel just never touched immigration other “build the wall” bromide and Trump brought up the stolen election at his Ohio rally for Vance. As for Irvin, here’s more:
    In a state where four Governors have gone to jail, I’ve never seen a major candidate as openly sleazy and corrupt as Richard Irvin: https://illinoisconservativenews.substack.com/p/richard-irvins-political-corruption?s=r Just some of the many examples of Irvin’s corruption and liberal beliefs:
    Irvin’s pay roll girlfriends: https://mchenrycountyblog.com/2022/01/16/irvin121821/ Democrat voting record: https://stampactpac.locals.com/post/1565253/richard-irvins-voting-record No good on pro-life: https://www.illinoisreview.com/illinoisreview/2022/02/gop-candidate-richard-irvin-backs-out-of-answering-abortion-question.html 180 degree flip-flop on Pritzker’s “criminal justice” bill: https://www.chicagotribune.com/politics/elections/ct-richard-irvin-crime-bill-letter-20220322-hwoa7zao2jgc5oqwv6m5amu4iq-story.html For the House Democrat Gun Control Bill: https://www.usmayors.org/gun-violence/ Illegal mailing to hide his Democrat past by attacking Bailey for trying to stop Obama in 2008: https://www.effinghamdailynews.com/news/local_news/irvin-s-campaign-acknowledges-mailer-blasting-bailey-violated-election-code-blames-the-printer/article_5c6db236-b4e6-11ec-9ac4-df729126710d.html
    If Irvin is the Republican “opponent” of Pritzker, the entire Republican ticket from top to bottom will go down despite Biden 60% disapproval, Lightfoot’s incredible incompetence and Pritzker’s out of touch arrogance. THE ONLY QUESTION THIS PRIMARY: WHO CAN SAVE US FROM IRVIN

  4. Irvin is a Trojan horse “republican.”
    His campaign stinks too much like a Democrat one.
    Piton makes a lot of noise, talks a lot about vote fraud,
    even in counties with little or no history of it.
    He appeared here from nowhere. I am suspicious.

    Lets assume that is true. Then you taint the Republican party by association with one of the most corrupt and disingenuous slime balls to ever ascend to political power in Illinois.
    I know Irvin well, very well.
    01) He is not bright
    02) He is thoroughly dishonest
    03) He has no moral compass
    04) He is corrupt
    Why Republicans would want to “win” with Irvin is beyond me. Is there some benefit from electing a Republican to the office of Governor when you know he is destined to end up the next Illinois governor to go to jail?