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Lessons From 100 Years of American Conservatism




Looking back to look ahead for the conservative movement. Richard M. Reinsch II writes:

Matthew Continetti, a journalist and historian of American conservatism, is currently a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. He joins this Saturday edition of “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss his new book “The Right: The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism.”

Continetti’s book covers the history of American conservatism stretching back to the 1920s and the presidencies of Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, making thought-provoking observations.

“I’m looking at how the intellectuals, the writers, the thinkers, the economists responded to politics; how they influence politics; how they reacted to political developments,” Continetti says. “And then I’m also looking at how the institutional Republican Party, how did it fit into this picture? What conservative ideas did it adopt? How did it begin to regain its majority after the New Deal era?”

[Richard M. Reinsch, "Lessons From 100 Years of American Conservatism,” The Daily Signal, April 23]


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