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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: F### Clarence Thomas!



>CHICAGO – Chicago Mayor Lightfoot yelled "F### Clarence Thomas!" at the city's annual Gay Pride parade rally Sunday. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot responds to Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas writing about overturning gay marriage ruling, other important cases: “Fuck Clarence Thomas!” Clip is going viral in right wing circles. pic.twitter.com/12qq4Qq8PR

— Gregory Pratt (@royalpratt) June 27, 2022


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  1. Lightfoot is a testament to the injustice that is affirmative action. IT is an example of what happens when a person is promoted only on identity politics and not merit; they never learn how to accept personal responsibility or how to overcome actual adversity as they have never had to face adversity before. So you end up with a mayor with the maturation of a 8 year old: ignorant, deceitful, talentless, bitter, angry, caustic, and foul.