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Thorner: Biden Administration promotes New World Order


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By Nancy Thorner - 
We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force. Ayn Rand quote
Although many Americans are not aware of what is taking place in their country as they go about their everyday lives, the Great Reset is now underway.  
The Great Reset involves the demolition and radical overhaul of several interlocking pillars of civilization: technology, society, economy, environment and geopolitic.  
Through control of these core pillars, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its globalist allies intend to seize control of all the nations of the world and centralize all power and wealth.
The Biden administration is a proponent of the World Economic Forum and its push for a New World Order.

According to the WEF, capitalism is dead and we can no longer allow for free markets. Instead, we need a top-down governance, a New World Order, that can ensure “fair and equitable” distribution of dwindling resources, including energy and food. What they’re really saying, however, is that soon-to-be-useless people are gobbling up “their” resources. They see us — you and me — as an existential threat to their luxurious lifestyle.
Click here to watch the video, part of a larger “Great Reset” documentary series, where Rebel News highlights the origins of the World Economic Forum (WEF), its founder Klaus Schwab and other key players, and the WEF’s central role in The Great Reset, which threatens) to overturn society and life as we know it in ways that are hard to imagine.
War on food and energy
Almost every day I am is viewing TV ads suggesting that I stock up on non-perishable food items.  This dovetails with credible predictions that food shortages are likely to occur in the next several months, as farmers struggle to make ends meet due to the cost of fertilizer and diesel fuel for their tractors.
Coupled with predicted food shortages are future power shortages, as the insane push to replace fossil fuels with green energy, wind and solar, continues with the Biden administration.  Wind and solar power are not reliable sources of energy, nor are they capable of meeting this nation's tremendous need for energy to fuel its economic engine.
Discussing the current situation with a friend, he sent me a list of items to have on hand.  A search of the Internet will reveal many additional lists of suggested items to have on hand.
Following is what a friend suggested.  He also added the notes following his suggestions.
If you don't have the money to buy everything at once, as like most of us, just start and do what you can to get started. Some things are cheaper and easy to get.  
Suggested items to have on hand
#1 A Generator. Notes: Can you pull the start cord? Do you have fuel? Do you know fuel storage laws for your area? Do you have fire extinguishers for this, or other emergencies? What wattage? 
#2 A Berkey Water Filter   Here's a cheap workaround, but I had to sand off the coating on the ceramic plant pot. 
#3 A Rainwater Collection System, if You Do Not Have A Natural Supply of Water Near Your Home.
#4 An Emergency Medical Kit.
#5 Rice – brown rice has oils and won't store as long.
#6 Pasta
#7 Canned Soup
#8 Canned Vegetables
#9 Canned Fruit
#10 Canned Chicken
#11 Jars of Peanut Butter
#12 Salt Celtic sea salt or pink salt is better, has trace minerals.
#13 Sugar
#14 Powdered Milk
#15 Bags of Flour
#16 Yeast
#17 Lots of Extra Coffee (If You Drink It) and LOTS of water. 
#18 Buckets of Long-Term Storable Food use. www.jeffreyprather.com or go to NaturalNews.com for best food. The cheap stuff can have all kinds of garbage in it.
#19 Extra Vitamins
#20 Lighters Or Matches
#21 Candles
#22 Flashlights or Lanterns. Got the batteries???
#23 Plenty Of Wood To Burn
#24 Extra Blankets
#25 Extra Sleeping Bags
#26 A Sun Oven. These use the sun with mirrors. 
#27 An Extra Fan If You Live in a Hot Climate
#28 Hand Sanitizer
#29 Toilet Paper. If you forget, your wife will say "You forgot WHAT???"
#30 Extra Soap and Shampoo
#31 Extra Toothpaste
#32 Extra Razors
#33 Bottles of Bleach This can be used for water purification, but you MUST know how to use it in minute amts or it is poison. Any web site will have this, eg. "purify water with bleach"
#34 A Battery-Powered Radio  For shortwave, see https://www.best.wiki/best-shortwave-radio/
#35 Extra Batteries
#36 Solar Chargers
#37 Trash Bags
#38 Tarps
#39 A Pocket Knife
#40 A Hammer – saws
#41 An Axe
#42 A Shovel – in fact, have all gardening tools
#43 Work Gloves
#44 N95 Masks
#45 Seeds for A Garden
#46 Canning Jars plus lids
#47 Extra Supplies for Your Pets
#48 An Emergency Supply of Cash
#49 Bibles for Every Member Of Your Family
#50 A “Bug Out Bag” For Every Member of Your Family


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