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Richard Uihlein Backs Harmeet Dhillon for RNC Chair, Says GOP Needs New Leader to Fight “Radical Left”



By Illinois Review

Conservative megadonor and billionaire Richard Uihlein, is weighing in on the race for the next chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), and it’s not Ronna Romney McDaniel who’s earned his support.

His choice to lead the national Republican party? Respected First Amendment and election law attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

Ronna McDaniel, the niece of Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, for years, went by Ronna Romney, until 2017, when President Trump asked her to drop her famous last name after her uncle Mitt grew critical of Trump during his presidency.

Romney-McDaniel has come under intense pressure over the last few months after a string of high profile midterm election losses, and the failure of the RNC to wage a substantive battle against widespread voter fraud in key battleground states across the country.

After the 2020 presidential election, Romney-McDaniel wanted the party to steer clear of election fraud issues, arguing in private that it was not an issue they could raise money on.

Romney-McDaniel even distanced herself from Trump leading up to the midterm election, stating that Republicans need to take advantage of mail-in voting – despite Trump posting on TruthSocial, “YOU CAN NEVER HAVE FAIR & FREE ELECTIONS WITH MAIL-IN BALLOTS – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.”

Romney-McDaniel has also come under fire for a report that showed the RNC spending millions of dollars on private jets, limousines, luxury retreats and Broadway shows since her election as RNC chair in 2017.

Financial records also showed $100,000 for hair and makeup, and dry cleaning services – for Romney-McDaniel’s media appearances.

It’s no wonder Romney-McDaniel doesn’t want to leave – the RNC credit card has become her own personal piggy bank; she flies on private jets; and she stays at only the most luxurious of hotels when traveling.

Dhillon, a diehard Trump-supporter, hasn’t held back when it comes to criticizing Romney-McDaniel’s leadership, saying,

“You’re the head of an organization and the job of the organization is to elect Republicans and you don’t elect Republicans…normally people do step down and move on.”

It’s no surprise that in early December, embattled IL GOP chair Don Tracy endorsed embattled RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel for re-election. Illinois RNC national committeemen Richard Porter and Demetra DeMonte also endorsed Romney-McDaniel.

But on Friday, Uihlein offered his official endorsement, saying,

“The course of history has brought us to a crossroads – either we will embrace a new vision and plan for victory for the future of the Republican Party, or we will remain idle and allow complacency to guide us….the Republican Party needs new leadership..it’s time for a leader willing and equipped to prevail in the fight against the radical left. That leader is Harmeet Dhillon.”

This past election, Uihlein donated over $50 million to support Illinois grassroots Republican Darren Bailey’s campaign for governor – directing $10 million to Bailey and $42 million to a pro-Bailey PAC.

In 2018, Uihlein bankrolled Jeanne Ives’ race to defeat incumbent establishment Gov. Bruce Rauner, R – donating $2.5 million.

Since the massive and widespread midterm election losses in Illinois, this publication has argued for the removal of IL GOP chairman Don Tracy.

And this publication agrees with Mr. Uihlein that it’s time for new leadership at the RNC – but it’s also time for new leadership here at home, too.

As the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board pointed out in a Nov. 11 editorial,

“Republicans lost every state constitutional office – governor, attorney general, secretary of state, comptroller and treasurer – and 14 of 17 congressional seats. In the General Assembly, not only did the GOP fail to gain any ground on Democrats’ supermajority, Democrats notched a record number of seats in the Illinois House. And in the Illinois Supreme Court, where Republicans had an opportunity to gain two seats…they came up short. Democrats now have a comfortable 5-2 edge in the state’s high court.”

And yet, Tracy remains, despite a party in chaos; an imminent audit of the GOP postage discount, which was used on mailers to target and attack conservative grassroots candidates during the Primary; senior GOP officials endorsing Democrat Richard Irvin in the governor’s race; a GOP House Minority leader voting with Democrats to ban assault weapons; Republican legislators accepting significant campaign contributions from the most far-left teachers union in the state during the pandemic; and the GOP endorsing, paying for, and mailing a pro-choice mailer just weeks before the midterm election – a direct violation of the Republican Party of Illinois Platform.

And that’s not all – there’s more. But you get the point.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and each time, expecting a different result. And that perfectly describes the leadership of Romney-McDaniel and her best friend Tracy.

But until we get them out of the way, Republicans at the national and state level will continue to lose – and that, we can’t afford – even with a billionaire like Mr. Uihlein.


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