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Rhoads: Trump & Obama Birds of a Feather



6a00d834515c5469e201bb089bb9b9970dBy Mark Rhoads –

Donald Trump apparently thinks that Barack Obama is a good role model for a president. Neither Trump nor Obama think they need to pay any attention to the Constitution, the separation of powers, or the Congress before making wild executive decisions or proposals on national policy. Both men are dangerous demagogues.

Obama is a an extreme Left-Wing Democrat who once pretended that he would be post-partisan in his approach to government but failed miserably. Donald Trump was a very liberal New York Democrat until last May when he decided to pretend to be a populist Republican. Both men developed a cult of personality. It is hard to understand why any authentic conservative Republican who has been a critic of President Obama would want to replace him with a President Trump who is so much like Obama in so many ways.


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  1. Spense says that Trump loves his country but apparently just not the Constitution and rule of law that governs us which is exactly the same position as Obama. I cannot trust Trump just because he claims to “speak from the heart.” Hitler spoke from his heart too in Mein Kampf before he enslaved Germany under a Nazi dictatorship.

  2. Mark, when has Trump violated the constitution? He may have spoke out of ignorance which in no way proves he would ignore the constitution as president. Your establishment GOPers have been attacking the constitution for years; trying to make it irrelevant.
    Adolf Hitler quote … “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.”
    So try again Mark!

  3. Your analysis of Trump is way off base. Listen to what he said recently…… he called for a moratorium/halt on immigration on Muslims entering the USA until the country’s representatives can figure out what is going on. There is nothing wild about this. The executive does have some powers under Article II and the current laws give the executive some authority to protect our borders as well. Trump can use these powers and legal authority. Congress can then pass a law and then Trump can sign it or veto it. What is wrong with this? Nothing.
    I can see though why the establishment is in panic mode though. Trump is threatening the existing order and they are on the losing end of this change.