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Rhoads: California Endorses Vote Fraud



By Mark Rhoads - Vote-fraud

The State of California has devised the perfect end run around Federal law to make it possible for illegal immigrants to vote for president in 2016. Usually in past years, vote fraud has not been just against state law, but was also a violation of the Federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 which makes it a federal crime to "conspire to dilute the votes of legal voters."  

The problem is that the Obama Justice Department could simply ignore the law or re-define what "legal voter" means. While the electoral college votes of California have not been in play for any Republican presidential candidate in recent years, the illegal voters in California could set a precedent for other states and could help to defeat some GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives or state lawmakers from that state.

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  1. You really should say….. the neo conservatives who have ruled the Republican party the last 30 years endorse voter fraud. They are the ones who let this happen. They frittered away our culture and majority in every state so they could help their K street friends get larger dividend streams on the backs of cheap labor from developing countries. Complain all you want about the Democrats actually implementing this, but the Republican party and its pathetic elitist leadership created the conditions for this to happen.

  2. The bizarre, illogical, and irrelevant comments of Cook Conservative employ a convoluted excuse to comment on his favorite targets in the GOP in order to claim “they are the ones who let this happen” and they “created the conditions” for a left-wing Democratic governor of California to sign a bill passed only by Democrats in his legislature. Jazz musicians call this a riff and I really do not mind this tangent once in a while nor do I disagree with Cook Conservative in his general criticisms of elitist Republicans. But logic is logic and to constantly post comments that are completely irrelevant to the topic of a post is getting increasingly boring and rude to other readers. Apparently Cook Conservative wants to be a contributor to IR and then he could raise his own comments on any topic and any time. He could write to the IR editors to suggest himself as a contributor but then he could not hide behind frivolous anonymous comments.

  3. I certainly wouldn’t mind being a contributor. But my comments are really on the mark. The GOP has done nothing for the middle class electorate that voted for it. It does not fight for us. It doesn’t care. The most recent example is the Omnibus bill just passed. They don’t care. It has resulted in a national electorate that elects socialists and cultural Marxists (or worse). I don’t think you can refute this.

  4. I don’t want to refute your criticism of the Omnibus bill because I AGREE with you. I am only making a simple request that your comments be directly relevant to the topic of a post and not go off on tangents. Some people love to hear themselves talk and you like to see your comments printed regardless of the topic. You have many good insights but apparently you don’t know or choose not to understand the difference between a relevant comment and one that is not relevant. If I said water will freeze at 32 degrees Farenheit you would say it is the fault of neocons.

  5. So what are is the Republican Party in California and at the national level going to do about this?
    Answer. Nothing! Which is what they have done over the decades and that is the reason the ‘Party’ (Republican) is over in California.