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Sanders wins over Clinton in third Democrat presidential debate



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CHICAGO – Democrat U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders won the Democrats' presidential debate Sunday night, says Chicago attorney and freelance journalist Jeff Berkowitz. 

"Bernie gave the liberal Democratic voters more of a reason to feel good for voting for him. This was a stronger performance by Bernie than the first three debates as he for the first time drew a strong contrast between Hillary and him—arguing that he, unlike her, is not a pawn of big drug and insurance companies—and of Wall Street," Berkowitz writes. "So, he came out looking like he would fight harder and better on domestic, progressive financial and healthcare issues."

On guns, Sanders said before the debate he changed his mind and would now vote to remove liability immunity for gun manufacturers—which sort of took that issue off the table, Berkowitz writes.

"On foreign policy, Bernie said he voted against the Iraq War, which will please Democratic primary voters immensely," he observed. "Yes, Bernie forgot to remind viewers that Hillary voted for the Iraq War—but many should remember from 2008 that Hillary went the wrong way on Iraq—which is the main reason she lost in 2008 to Obama.

"Wouldn’t it be funny if Hillary lost the 2016 Democratic Presidential primary for the same reason she lost in 2008?  Advantage Bernie."

The rest of Berkowitz' observations are HERE.


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