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Kirk calls on NBA to punish North Carolina for banning genderless bathrooms




WASHINGTON – Illinois Senator Mark Kirk – who is seeking re-election in November – is among six senators calling on the NBA to move the league’s 2017 All-Star game out of North Carolina due to the state’s new law that bans one sex from using the opposite sex's public bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. 

While Kirk's PR staff kept the development quiet, D.C. circles were well aware of the letter sent this week to the NBA commissioner. Politico reports: 

In a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, the senators – five Democrats and one Republican – argue that the league should take the forceful stance to rebuke HB2, the controversial law that the senators say gives local governments and businesses a “license to discriminate.”

“We hold no ill-will towards the people of Charlotte, who passed an antidiscrimination measure that HB2 overturned, or towards the people of North Carolina,” the senators wrote in the letter. “However, we cannot condone nor stand idly by as North Carolina moves to legalize and institutionalize discrimination against the LGBT community. Nor should the NBA allow its premier annual event to be hosted in such a state.”

Senate Democrats who signed onto the letter are Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Patty Murray of Washington and Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay lawmaker elected to the Senate.

Kirk is the only Republican that endorsed the letter.

“Put plainly, HB2 provides businesses, government contractors, hotels, and other institutions with a license to discriminate, and no city council or county government can do a thing about it,” the senators wrote Tuesday. “This is just wrong.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/senators-nba-should-move-all-star-game-out-of-north-carolina-221854#ixzz45v8VI5Tm


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  1. I really question Kirk’s gender preferences. i have been told I am not alone.
    This is a state issue, and Kirk should have more important Federal issues to concern himself and his staff, unless….

  2. I agree with others; HB2 provides businesses, government contractors, hotels, and other institutions with a license to discriminate against sex offenders and predators that will use the claim of “transgender” as an excuse to prey on women and children.

  3. EXACTLY…. Kirk has already shown he hates religious freedom, when he denied a traditional marriage group use of a room on capitol hill. NC state law is none of Kirk’s business! I still can’t believe he won the primary and the Illinois state GOP supported him. Says all I need to know at about the Illinois Gay Old Party
    There are 50+ things he should be giving his attention to, but stroke damaged Kirk is worrying that anti-religious bills aren’t being passed in NC. Kirk is a democrat being controlled by a democrat

  4. I have news for you Kirk, states can discriminate against any behavior they like… they do it all the time.
    And there aren’t any GLBT people, there are people with the mental disorder of homosexuality and gender confusion.
    Dr. Francis S. Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, along with his team of over 150 of the top geneticists in the world, who sequenced and decoded the human genome, stated they found
    NO gay or transgender gene.

    Kirk spouts off nonsense, his statement represents a political position unsupported by any true science. Kirk is not trustworthy

  5. This is a Blue state and it gets Bluer. Kirks attempt to get some of the Blue vote and hope mainstream Republicans will back him.
    Same with his big fuss on Garland for the SC.
    He is either very liberal or a turncoat. Take you choice.

  6. …“Toleration” is no longer tolerable; there must be active, vocal acceptance and participation on demand. Make a quiet donation to the wrong political cause and you will be hounded from your company, even if you founded it. Decline to provide baked goods for a gay wedding and you invite for your business vaporization via culture-apparat drone strike. Consider employing a full-time food taster if you dare to point out that Mr. Jenner is not and can never be a Ms., that men aren’t entitled access to women’s locker rooms just because they put on a bra, that the fifty-eight gender options imagined by Facebook overstate reality by fifty-six. As Jonah Goldberg points out: there is always a culture war on because liberals never stop prosecuting it. Yesterday’s victory is simply today’s starting point. Where around you do you see today’s LGBT community putting down its collective gloves and accepting an uppercut to the chin as the price of mainstream acceptance? What we shall have rather is this: a glittering, cherry-red pump stamping on a human face, forever….” – Kyle Smith, New Criterion

  7. How much longer must we suffer Kirk? What more will it take for the GOP Establishment to disavow him?
    Better Duckworth than Kirk. Then at least we’ll get a chance to elect a real Republican in 6 yrs.
    Let the other states worry about keeping their Republican Senate seats. 53 is still a majority. I’m done with Kirk.

  8. The GOPe will NEVER disavow him, he is the face of the GOPe.
    dis rep, you are where I was up until approx a year and a half ago: still confusing republicans with Conservatives.
    The republican party is loaded with – and run by – liberals.
    That is why they are working so hard against Mr Trump.
    Donald Trump may not be a textbook Conservative, but he is a damned lot more conservative than anyone else in the GOPe right now (save Jeff Sessions, Duncan Hunter, and 1 or 2 others).
    Liberals have infiltrated the republican party and have moved so far left that:
    1) the Democrat party is running a Communist that has won most primaries in this last month,
    2) actual Conservative voters are flat-out ignored

  9. Agree, we got major issues in Illinois, and Kirk needs to focus on issues his voters care about! In this day and age of politics fought like war, people like Kirk enable people who don’t have Republican voters in their area of concern are enabling the deconstruction of America to a socialist fascist state. He needs to go home so Illinoisians can have a voice!

  10. The NBA is a private association and not a government agency. Calls by lawmakers to tell the NBA what to do are frivolous and not appropriate. What if lawmakers told Planned Parenthood to boycott any state that promotes public money for abortion? There would be a loud scream from the peanut gallery of media sycophants.