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Thorner/Hasty: Americans should welcome Trump presidency with open arms




By Nancy Thorner and Elvira Hasty - 

The following comes from a recent article by Timm Amundson on The Federalist: 

“Trump is usually rude and obnoxious. His demeanor can be arrogant and dismissive. At times, he comports himself as reckless and willing to lash out prematurely, prior to fully understanding all of the facts at hand. To put it simply, he is a wrecking ball.”

While a Trump supporter, Mr. Amundson apparently felt he first had to apologize to his “conservative elitist friends.”  Does this sounds similar to other articles you'd read about “conservatives” who dare support Donald Trump?  How sad that maintaining political correctness has become the expected standard of operation.

Since every human being is sinful and harbors many faults, the same tone exhibited in the opening paragraph could apply to most individuals.  Why then is it that only Donald Trump deserves this hate-filled treatment, not only from organizations whose purpose it is to destroy the Trump candidacy, but also among those who call the shots within the Republican establishment?

Did we encounter this during the administration of Bill Clinton? There is no need to remind those who lived through the Clinton years of his vulgarity? And what about the vulgarity exhibited by the Republican establishment.  Under the pretense of listening to conservatives, the establishment enthusiastically endorsed John McCain and Mitt Romney in the last two presidential elections?  Or of the recent vulgarity shown by the GOP establishment through constant threats of a brokered convention, aimed at suppressing the voice of the Party’s base? It all depends on what the meaning of vulgarity is?  Right? 

Americans should welcome a Trump presidency with open arms, not only for what he can accomplish, but also for replacing the vulgarity of the Obama family with the classy Trump family.  CNN presented an hour-long town hall meeting on Wednesday night, April 12, highlighting Donald Trump, the man, and his outstanding family.  It would be an astonishing transformation and welcomed in every corner of the world.

Religious individuals accept Donald Trump for his flaws, just as God accepts Christians and others, for we all have flaws. We have never heard bad words from Mr. Trump. The accusation of vulgarity comes from privileged elitists who have no respect for working people in places like Queens and Brooklyn where Trump was raised. As his son Donald Jr. has said:  Donald Trump is a blue collar billionaire.

Donald J. Trump recognizes that those who make this country run are working class Americans.  As a young man, Trump worked alongside construction workers.  He learned more from the working men and women than most congressmen have the opportunity to ever do.  Trump knows the working class and respects workers as individuals, unlike politicians who see them as an expendable collective mass who can be replaced by foreigners at lesser salaries in order to please fat-cat Republican Party donors.  Trump would end their gravy train!

Truth be told, it is not “vulgarity” that the GOP establishment and the media actually care about; it is the way Donald Trump’s honesty has damaged their political correct speeches, coupled with their lack of transparency in dealing with legislation. No more hiding behind “reaching out to Hispanics” (code phrase for welfare to illegals); no more hiding behind the “race card” that continues to hurt Black Americans living in Democratic cities; no more hiding behind the “feminist card” of being offended when a woman is not strong enough to face competition; no more hiding behind the “islamophobia charge” for wanting to vet Muslim immigrants; no more hiding behind “DREAM” for the Mexican children crossing the border illegally.  It will all end!

Donald Trump talks plainly and directly; he lets everyone know exactly what he thinks and what he’ll do to make America great again. And none of it includes the old politicians, the media, the lobbyists, the DC insiders. Finally the American people found a true patriot who is willing to sacrifice in order to stop the corruption of the D.C. bureaucracy. Welcome Donald Trump!  We’ve been waiting almost three decades.

For those who continue the mantra that Mr. Trump is not conservative, whatever it means these days, let me enumerate his position on our most pressing issues:

  1. Against illegal invasion of our country by securing the border building a WALL that Mexico will pay for.
  2. No amnesty. No sanctuary cities.
  3. Building a strong defense, with a feared military capacity.
  4. Support and help for our veterans, ending years of mistreatment.
  5. Support for our law enforcement agencies, such as the police and ICE.
  6. Stop the acceptance of Muslim immigrants until a time when we have a better understanding of the problem.  Best to build a safe zone in their countries.
  7. Destroy ISIS and fight radical Islam
  8. Rebuild our country infrastructure.
  9. Re-think and re-negotiate NATO and the expense of having our military all over the world.
  10. Reduce our over $19 Trillion debt.
  11. Eliminate waste by closing or reducing certain departments like Education.
  12. Reduce taxes for the low income and middle class Americans.
  13. Reduce regulations for businesses.
  14. Eliminate Common Core and make education local.
  15. Defend the Second Amendment.
  16. Repeal and replace Obamacare with private plans.
  17. Negotiate trade deals that are fair and take our country into account first.
  18. Bring jobs from overseas.
  19. Pro-life and support for our religious freedom rights.
  20. Become energy independent by exploiting all sources of energy production.

Which part of the above is not conservative?  But if the positions listed above are not conservative, then Thorner and Hasty cannot claim to be conservatives, yet at the same time stand in support of Trump. We need to stop labeling ourselves Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, and start by being American first.

Cruz supporters and others who genuinely hate Trump, continue to repeat that Trump is not serious about these positions because he once was “a Democrat.”  First, take a look at the table below that shows his political donations since 1989; keeping in mind that business people always give these donations to both parties.

Trump’s political contributions

Trump’s political contributions data is from https://www.opensecrets.org/ and http://www.followthemoney.org/. A breakdown of the data can be viewed here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.48.41 PM

Second, why is Trump being deceitful now, having been a businessman before his recent move to the political arena, while Cruz is perceived as the truth-teller after having served only a few years in the Senate?   What is the Cruz Senate record?  Ted Cruz voted in favor of amnesty; never proposed building a wall; voted for a very large increase of H-1B visas; favored neoconservatives in war expansions; never intervened for our veterans; and wrote with Paul Ryan an op-ed in WSJ in favor of TPP legislation.  Lately in his campaigning, Cruz seems to have changed his mind on several issues.

Donald Trump, unlike Ted Cruz, has already accomplished much in life. It cannot be disputed that Trump has built an excellent and successful business empire, but more importantly, he has raised incredibly bright, talented, articulate children who seemingly have good moral values.   By their fruits, you shall know them!

The next hurdle we must face is the nasty battle between Trump and Cruz, which is also causing friends to disagree and take offense.   Our enemies delight in seeing our “soft spots” exposed, making it easier for them to push through their radical agenda. 

May we not forget that whether we are firmly planted on the side of the Cruz or Trump camp, either one would be so much better for America than either Socialist Sanders or Hillary, who has left a long trail of terrible mistakes in her quest for power.  


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  1. If Trump is nominated I will certainly support him.
    I am not one to mince words but Trump needs to be strong in his message without being ‘rude and obnoxious.’
    If he stays strong on his message and tones down the bombastic rhetoric beginning NOW he could beat Clinton despite the protests of the Left and the demographic changes that make this an increasingly 3rd world nation prone to socialism.
    Trump does have Charisma and Clinton is an obnoxious political hack who really is not sincerely liked by much of anybody.
    So Mr. Trump be tough, don’t back off, but monitor your mouth.
    P.S. I actually went to his website and said this- for what little that means.

  2. There is a difference between sexist and realist, I consider you a realist.
    And, there is no reason NOT to vote for Mr Trump, none whatsoever.
    Unless, of course, you make your living exploiting illegal low priced labor – and love making middle-class Americans pay the freight for said illegal labor.

  3. The problem is that except for rhetoric on trade (even liberals bow to the unions on that issue), Trump has been litmus test liberal all his life on all the issues until his sudden flip-flop to conservative last year. He was for the dream act and attacking Romney’s self-deportation plan on illegal immigration a few years ago. He is still for Planned Parenthood, he’s for “touchback” amnesty, he thinks Kim Davis needed to “obey the law” (just like Kasich) and I could cite many other issues. Never mind the total lack of moral values in his personal and business life and his constant lying. http://www.dailywire.com/news/4834/trumps-101-lies-hank-berrien
    He is simply in the race to elect his friend Hillary Clinton on the cheap, which is why he spends all time attacking his rivals and spending no money to win caucuses (which allows him to scream “foul” and ruin Republican chances in the fall). He is owned by the New York banks that want their girl Hillary to win. And they have made sure he monopolizes TV coverage that almost never dissects his constant lying and exaggeration. http://townhall.com/columnists/brentbozell/2016/04/14/donald-trumps-rigged-media-n2148308?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad
    He is simply the greatest fraud I have ever seen in politics and I thought I saw it all with George Herbert Walker Bush pretending to be like Reagan, “Middle Class Tax Cut” Bill Clinton, Obama the”racial healer” and Romney doing a 180 degree political from his liberal days as Massachusetts Governor.

  4. Great article! Trump would be a true gift to this country — there’s a good reason why so many are fighting to bring him down. He is uniquely qualified to start making a dent into our country’s many problems and he will be guided by what is right for the people, not special interest groups that have bought and paid for the establishment. Trump doesn’t need the presidency; we need him as president.

  5. Are all politicians trustworthy or is it just Trump who we are supposed to take on his campaigning word while ignoring his life?
    We are all sinners, this is true. If we are supposed to ignore Trump’s immorality because we all fail, then aren’t we supposed to ignore all immorality, from even the Democrats?
    What I cannot fathom is why people trust that his presidency would be distinguishable from a Hillary Clinton presidency. Oh, that’s right, because he says so.

  6. I’m not sure what you’re suggesting? Abstain? Vote for the Cuban who meets illegals with gifts at the border and authored American job destroying TPA and is so tied to Goldman Sachs he married one of its executives? He doesn’t seem trustworthy. Then there’s the mailman’s son from Ohio who is a completely different person than he was a decade ago.
    I’m not sure who you’re suggesting is trustworthy or would be distinguishable from Hillary Clinton.

  7. Trump’s a wild card but my bet is it will be President Hillary and some very hard years to come until Conservative try again in 2020. Trump will lose badly. How conservative managed to get to his point the question we’ll have to mull over.

  8. You too, Chase?
    I am not suggesting you do a damn thing. I am
    expressing surprise that people trust Trump or take him at his word.
    If people are supporting Trump as entertainment or simply someone who might piss off a lot of entrenched Republicans, I can see it.If you believe he means what he says when taking a position on many of the issues Phyllis Schlafly Jr. listed above, I don’t get it.

  9. I don’t know anybody who trusts Trump. I know people who hate McConnell and Boehner and Bush and McCain and Ryan and Rafael and the Mailman’s Son and see what they have done to destroy our country and know that they can’t be trusted and don’t deserve any more opportunities to destroy the country.
    On the issues he’s talked about – immigration, trade – Rafael and the Mailman’s son are in bed with the Chamber of Commerce and can’t be trusted any more than Trump can.
    Plus, it’s fun to see George Will’s smarmy little face turner redder and redder every week. Karl Rove and Bill Kristol have lost their minds. You can’t beat pissing on the GOP establishment as far as political fun is concerned.

  10. McCain, Romney, and Dole were all further to the right than the Donald Trump when they ran.
    I couldn’t tell you what Trump is at the moment but a guy with his negatives, lack of organization, and lack of money (he’s real estate rich and cash poor for a National campaign) has not path to the White House in the general election.

  11. That’s a complete rewrite of history to say those three ran to the write. Just making up history.
    Look up Dole’s convention speech and his retirement speech. It may have well been written by Kennedy. McCain spent the entire campaign attacking the Republican base and never once attacked Obama, in fact chastising the Republican base for rightly attacking Obama. Romney ran A Massachusetts liberal campaign.
    You need to seriously check your facts before you say these losers ran to the right. You couldn’t be more off base.