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UPDATE x1: Former IL Republican Party Chair Says Trump Can’t Win, Hillary Better Alternative




CHICAGO – Former Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady, told Bill Cameron on "Connected to Chicago" that Donald Trump "cannot win the election." Brady, who is a Kasich delegate to the Republican National Convention, said there's still an outside chance that Trump will not receive the nomination. Brady told Cameron that Trump's solutions are not Republican solutions and that Trump's lack of organization ensures he will lose.

Brady said neither Abe Lincoln or Ronald Reagan would attend this year's convention because of Trump, and that he's not surprised that many members of the Illinois GOP Congressional Delegation aren't attending – although they usually don't. However, Brady believes this absence of delegates may be a way to open the convention and nominate someone other than Trump.

Regarding the presumptive Democrat Party nominee, Brady told Cameron that FBI Director James Comey is "one of the most highly respected law enforcement people in the country" and that he had "no quarrel with his decision not to bring forward" an indictment of Clinton.

Brady admitted that no matter what happens, he's "certainly not voting for Donald Trump" in November; and thinks that four years of Hillary Clinton might be good in that it will allow the Republicans to get the Senate back in 2018, which he presumes the Republicans will lose this year. Brady said he "cannot stomach the idea of Donald Trump being in the White House for a minute," and that Hillary Clinton is a better alternative.

Brady's philosophy is: "If we're going to wreck it [the Republican Party], let's wreck it all the way" arguing that the GOP has to get off the social issues and back to what he describes as Ronald Reagan's themes of "national security and fiscal issues" (NOTE: Reagan ran on his now famous three-legged stool of free enterprise, strong defense, and pro-family social policies).

Full interview HERE

UPDATE x1: Tim Schneider, the current Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, responded to Brady's comments, writing:

"Former Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady's comments do not reflect the views or opinions of the current leadership of the Illinois Republican Party. Through the results of the March Primary, Illinois Republicans made their voices heard and believe that Donald Trump is best suited to take on Hillary Clinton and her decades of corruption, deceit, and liberal politics. The Illinois Republican Party is fully committed to supporting the Republican nominee, Donald Trump."


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  1. We need to be honest and realize we have many Democrats strategically placed through out our Federal, State, and Local Republican Parties. Clearly Brady is one of them.
    McHenry County is riddled with nepotism, crony capitalism, and Democrats who run around as elected Republicans.
    Let me make this as clear as day for some of you out there – the reason Republicans loose elections is not they are too conservative but because they are too liberal. You have moderate and liberal Democrats who infiltrate the Republican Party, set up crony capitalism schemes, hire their wives and children for obscene amounts of money, and then say “We’re Republicans!”
    The public then sees this and the Republican brand is destroyed locally.
    We must fix our party from the ground up. We must find precinct committeemen who are not afraid to call “BS” to local official’s faces. We have too many Democrats in the local Republican parties.
    Brady you have to be kidding if you think Hillary will appoint better supreme court justices, support our military, and protect our borders than Donald Trump. You are everything that is wrong with the Illinois GOP.
    I did not vote for Donald J. Trump in the Primary – I am a Cruz’r – but you have got to be kidding if you think I am voting for Hillary. I will vote for Trump.
    Andrew Gasser
    McHenry County Board, District 1
    Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman

  2. Pat “PUTZ” Brady actually attempted to steal beer without paying during an event held by the Chicago Young Republicans several years back. He was yelled out and forced to return the beer.
    Pat Brady is NO different than Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    What a LOSER!

  3. If you’re on the opposite of that clown Pat Brady, you know you’re on the winning side. It would be hard to name a bigger loser. Worst state chairmen the IL GOP ever had, and that’s saying a lot.
    A lot of people have thought for years that Pat Brady is a Democrat mole. This is just more evidence. Although it could just be insanity and incompetence.

  4. Pat Brady was hounded out of the State GOP Chairman’s slot in a humiliating rout, due entirely to his RINO liberalism. So why do we STILL see him in the media, as if he has a microgram of credibility or integrity left..?

  5. I am “not” a Donald Trump fan or supporter but it has finally boiled down to this for my own personal course of action: Hillary is a “proven” malevolent force of nature. Donald Trump is a “potential” malevolent force of nature. I know that unless I cast my vote (reluctantly) for Trump on November 8th, I am deliberately opening my country’s front door to the wolf. My conscience and common sense will not allow me to let evil enter my house. Unfortunately, that is the reality of the situation and many of my fellow Americans feel the same way. If Trump turns out to be a mistake, Congress can probably get rid of him. Hillary and the Clinton Dynasty is a force that Congress has been unable to rid the country of.

  6. I agree that we shouldn’t care what Brady says, but he was elected to be a delegate. That’s a reason why some reporters care about his opinions, along with the fact that he was a state party chairman.

  7. I have thought that about Trump. I am extremely tired of hearing his carnival stump speeches blah-blah. However, given how many inner circle Reps are up to their ears in cutting deals to save their own hides… and given the choice between a pathological liar who demonstrates absolutely no laws apply to her by hook or by crook or FBI magic eraser…no matter how many people suffer, are denigrated or even die… I’ll take the narcissist. The polls tell us many Americans are closet supports for a change. Sad choices, but here we are. Never Hillary, ever.

  8. Remember in December when Pat Brady was spewing his usual hate and lies about Donald Trump on WGN radio and he said “you gotta take him out with a head shot.”
    I honestly don’t know why Brady is still walking around free. He clearly has some disturbing anger issues and I wouldn’t let him close to Mr. Trump in Cleveland.

  9. You all should be ASHAMED of attacking that former Illinois GOP Chairman! He worked SO HARD to make Mark Kirk our senator, despite Party rules against the Chairman endorsing one Primary candidate over another.
    (Just kidding. I can’t understand why he’s considered “a GOP authority” either.)

  10. Leaving National Security aside, I think Trump talking more Liberal then either Kirk or Brady. Trump wants to use a “smarter” government to protect American Industry. Calling anyone a RINO in the now Trump GOP doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because the verdict’s out about what the new GOP is going to look like with Trump. I heard Trump and Clinton on O’Riley last night and Trump was outstanding in comparison. If Pence Trump’s VP choice, then Trump will have made an outstanding pick. Trump’s been so slammed by the Media and the likes of Pat Brady that all he has to do is keep sounding like he did on O’Riley last night. He goes into the debates with Clinton like he did last night I think he might win bigger than anyone imagines. I disagree with Trump on much but he’s literally a non ideological candidate. I’m not certain were this ends but if Trump takes down the enormous and corrupt Clinton Machine he will have done the US and the World a great favor. We’ll argue the policy stuff once that’s done within a much larger GOP, and a demolished Progressive movement. So Pat should go take a long and restful vacation.

  11. How do we call a vote and dump Mr Brady!
    No sense continuing to whine about him.
    Let’s just flush the toilet, complete the paper work, and turn all of our energy getting Dold and Kirk turned around ASAP!
    THEN develop a winning GOP strategey for a state wide sweep. No more whining. Real GOP LEADERSHIP now.needs to step up!
    Jim Mitchell, Lake Villa # 150

  12. Trump, ONCE AGAIN, has shown why Republicans keep losing.
    No wonder Illinois is DOMINATED by Democrats – we end up with ‘Republican’ leaders that OPENLY SIDE WITH DEMOCRATS.
    Funny how ‘party loyalty’ seems to be a ONE WAY STREET with this bunch.