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Ives announces via email


State Rep. Jeanne Ives is in to challenge incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner, according to an email sent out Saturday afternoon … 
From: Jeanne Ives <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 1:21 PM
Subject: Ives for Illinois
To: Dear Friends,
Today my team and I are taking the first step towards restoring commonsense in Illinois. I have started circulating petitions to place my name on the ballot for Governor of Illinois.  I have selected as my Lt. Governor Rich Morthland, a farmer, former state representative and community college professor from the Rock Island area.

There is little trust between most Illinoisans and their government at many levels – and for good reasons. Top political leaders have lied to the people about who they are and what they are going to do – and they continue to make promises we cannot keep. Public corruption is an everyday event across the state. Many Illinoisans have simply decided to leave for better opportunities elsewhere. 
Rich and I know, however, that if you change out the politicians, replacing them with public servants, and tell people the truth, then reform can begin. Illinois can and must recover. Our promise to you is to be honest about the problems we face and the path we must take to make Illinois a place where businesses and families can thrive again. We will confront and expose public corruption at every level of government until it stops.
I am most thankful that my team includes Chris Cleveland. He will serve as the Chairman of the Ives for Illinois campaign.  Chris was among the first to encourage me to enter this race and has been a key advisor to me on a daily basis.  His position as the current Chicago GOP chairman shows the broad base of support this campaign already has.
We need your help to get on the ballot. Our petition is attached along with the instructions. Please read through the instructions prior to circulating. In advance, I give my sincere thanks to all for your support and work that is ahead of us.

Best Regards,



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  1. I want Ives to win. Rauner must go. But it’s crazy to see she names Chris Cleveland as her campaign chair. The guy is a Never Trumper. Cleveland didn’t lift a finger for Trump during the campaign and still does nothing. His website, rarely updated, has zero about the President. I don’t see the guy doing anything except spending all of his time trying to kick people out of the GOP. He and his little band of clueless minions are in fact are still in court trying to keep out the 19th Ward GOP Committeeman, who was elected in a real GOP election, who is a huge Trump supporter and who actually worked his ward hard for Trump last year, as opposed to Cleveland who did zip. I do want Ives to win but she’s going to lose miserably to Rauner with this kind of awful judgment.

  2. “clean house” is Doug Ibendahl. I know this because this comment is pretty much what Doug said to me directly. I give him credit for being open with me about it — thank you, very decent of you — now we can have a debate.
    I am not a Never Trumper. I voted for him. I was quoted in the New York Times saying “the adults are back in charge.” https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/25/us/hall-of-mirrors-readers-respond.html (I’m still getting hate mail over that comment.)
    With regard to the 19th ward: the Cook County GOP passed an amendment to the bylaws, authored by me, that prohibited anyone who had pulled a Democrat ballot in the last few years from holding a leadership position. We did it to stop a raid on GOP seats by Democrats in the city. We applied the rule uniformly, and removed 13 committeemen who had violated it.
    It matters because committeemen appoint election judges, and if we don’t have genuine Republicans in the polling place there will be even more fraud than there currently is.
    Steven Graves, the 19th warder, was treated no differently than the others. But his case is illustrative. He is a lifelong Democrat, having served as a Democratic precinct captain for many years. He pulled the first R ballot in his life in 2014, when he was in his late 50’s. Even so, his Republican epiphany didn’t seem to take, because he made another donation to his Democratic alderman afterward. He has a lengthy history of writing checks to Democrats, and so far as we can tell, has never contributed to a Republican. Forgive me if I doubt his loyalties.
    We welcome reformed Democrats to the Republican Party. We just don’t put them in charge of ward organizations.

  3. Is it too late already? Ives is starting with only a few weeks in which to collect petitions. Her papers are going to be closely scrutinized. Remember how George Ryan’s appointees to the Illinois State Board of Elections worked over any candidates that worried him?
    It would be interesting to learn if Ives is simultaneously collecting signatures for her reelection to the Illinois General Assembly.

  4. Couldn’t disagree more – this is incredibly sound judgment and the reason she actually has a chance. Real patriots with half a brain realize that Trump isn’t a Republican – he’s a populist without an ideology. Trump is bad for the party medium and long term, even if he beat Clinton.

  5. Benedict Rauner has lied to us all, cheated us all, betrayed us all. I will vote for ANYBODY running against him in the Primary who is Pro-Life and Anti-Sanctuary-State (that is, anyone who is the OPPOSITE OF BRUCE RAUNER)…

  6. Too late to begin circulating petitions for such an important office. The two good-weather months of petition drives have already passed, and we are entering into the final month, a month of cold, wet weather.
    Good luck getting enough valid signatures, or in getting enough petition circulators to gather them.

  7. Chris Cleveland actually thinks he has the right to remove officials who ran and were elected by Republican voters in a real election in a Republican Primary. He does this even though his title of City Chair is artificial. It has no mention in Illinois law. He spent all of his time trying to remove people from the party, including those who were actually helping Trump, while Chtis didn’t lift a finger. Cleveland even “fired” black Committeemen who are huge Trump supporters, just because 8 years ago they might have voted for the first black president. A guy who won’t respect the will of Republican voters and who won’t help the President is the last guy who should be the arbiter of who is a good Republican. And the excuse about the election judges is a crock. Dems don’t need those games to slaughter the GOP in chicago with destructive people like Cleveland around. If Ives can’t even perform the simplest of vetting, we’re wasting our time.

  8. Obviously you know nothing about campaigns. Getting even 10,000 signatures in a week is not that hard for a serious campaign with many volunteers, or one which hires a professional service. And there is still just over a month to the deadline. You must be some Rauner hack trying to depress enthusiasm. Sad.

  9. Getting 10,000 signatures in a week is easy, if you stand at the doors of supermarkets and at railroad stations to collect them from ANYBODY and EVERYBODY, whether they are voters, non-voters, non-residents, non-citizens, Republicans or Democrats.
    But “quantity” isn’t the problem; VALIDITY of signatures IS the problem, and if half of them
    are found invalid, your candidate still doesn’t get on the ballot.
    I have worked campaigns for thirty years, done petition signature checks, and have gotten candidates “tossed” off the ballot for this reason.
    Now, tell me how much YOU know about campaigns.

  10. I beat Cleveland’s choice for 19th Ward Republican Committeeman and he engineered the By-Law change to stay in power. I asked for a courtesy meeting before the Primary and all he wanted was a commitment from me for Rafael Cruz. I declined. I sent a check to Diane Shapiro for Clerk against Dorothy Brown. Also a check to Illinois Republican Party and most recently to Erika Harold for Attorney General. Representative Ives will doom her campaign with Cleveland aboard. Steve Graves 19th Ward Republican Committeeman