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Sam McCann says he’s establishing Illinois’ Conservative Party with gubernatorial bid



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NORMAL – State Senator Sam McCann of downstate Benton told WEEK.com he's establishing Illinois' first Conservative Party with his bid to run for governor. McCann says he expects to gather the needed number of petition signatures to be on the November 2018 ballot alongside the Republican Party's candidate Governor Bruce Rauner and Democrat challenger J.B. Pritzker. 

McCann, who was elected to the Illinois legislature as a Republican, says Governor Rauner bought up the IL GOP in a "fire sale." He went on to say while he doesn't approve of President Trump's tweeting or some of his comments, he approves of the direction Trump is taking the nation. 

Will conservatives in Illinois choose to support McCann over Rauner? 


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  1. I thought McCann said he was not running? I am so confused. I’d love to circulate petitions, anything to get Rauner out and reduce the number of republicans. We need Pritzker in with a large democratic majority to hasten the demise of IL. The game needs to play out rapidly so we get to bankruptcy and the end game. This slow peel of a band-aid needs to end and the democrats are the proper authorities to hasten the collapse of the state.

  2. Madigan, Cullerton, J. B. and Rauner all think it is necessary to slaughter babies. Will our new candidate for governor stop the slaughter. Will get the necessary signatures.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  3. One thing is certain for me.
    I am (was) a Republican who can no longer support Rauner.
    Every new political party has to begin somewhere.
    Remember that the Republican Party was founded in the 1850’s and it’s first presidential candidate, John C, Fremont, lost against James Buchanan.
    But the second Republican candidate WON.
    That was Abraham Lincoln.

  4. Too bad William Kelly ran like a whipped pup form his potential run as the Constitution Party candidate. We need to siphon every vote we can from Rauner to humiliate him even more. 16 points isn’t enough, not near enough. We need a Keyes vs Obama type of margin – that would be beautiful and fitting.