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UPDATE x2: Trump visit puts Bost between rock and hard place on steel



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UPDATE x1: A protest is being planned, Illinois Review was notified via Twitter.  See below … 

GRANITE CITY – Thursday, President Trump is planning to visit Congressman Mike Bost's 12th District's Granite City – where 800 steelworkers are returning to work this year. Trump is expected to celebrate the plant's re-opening and attribute its newfound demand to his tariff strategy of 25% on imported steel and 10% on imported aluminum. Raising the cost of imported steel has created a demand for US-made steel – and bolstered the Granite City economic situation. 

That should make it easy for Congressman Bost, right? 

It's not that easy.  While the United Steel Workers union is happy about their union members' jobs returning to Granite City, they picketed outside Congressman Bost's office last week. Why? To urge him to oppose President Trump's policy of "zero tolerance" on illegal immigration.

The purpose of the "Keep Families Together" rally with the United Congregations of the Metro East on July 2 was to "call upon Congressman Bost to join the chorus of voices against a new "zero tolerance" policy being implemented by the current administration under the Department of Health and Human Services," the union's website says. "Under this new policy, every migrant who entered the United States, without authorization, would be criminally prosecuted, even if no other crime had been committed."

Even more complicated is that Bost co-chairs the Congressional Steel Caucus – setting him in conflict with tariff retaliation that affects soybeans and other Midwest-grown agricultural products.

The caucus is a bipartisan group of over 100 Members of Congress that represents regions with steel manufacturers or areas that care specifically about the health of the American steel industry. In addition to introducing legislation supporting the domestic steel community, Caucus members also routinely meet with Administration officials and WTO representatives to communicate the interests of the American industry and its steelworkers.

"The steel industry has been vitally important to Southern Illinois for decades. However, the American steel industry and its steelworkers face threats on several fronts," Bost's website explains. "At home, loopholes in Buy America protections have prevented the use of American steel on infrastructure projects. Abroad, illegally-subsidized imports from foreign nations that devalue their currencies continue to flood the market. During these difficult times, Representative Bost is on the front line fighting for every single American job."

As a result, Bost is in a tough place. Should he celebrate with the President Thursday or should he remain "previously scheduled" to avoid a confrontation and possible US Steel immigration policy picketers?

As of Monday noon, he has yet to announce whether he will be joining Trump's visit to the Granite City US Steel plant Thursday.

UPDATE x1: Via Twitter 

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  1. So, this is easy. Just ask Trump to speak directly to the union members and remind them the devastation that illegal aliens have brought to community after community, the high cost of the social services they consume and how they lower the quality of life for all Americans.
    I am willing to bet the vast majority of the union members will side wit Trump without regard for what the actual Union spokesmen say or the actions of a few union flunkies.

  2. I would support the president
    I’ll never understand getting these focus groups to advise you how to take a position on an issue. Illinois Republicans should support our president.
    I would argue the steel workers are the ones in the tough position. Do they and their union want to support American jobs? Are they supporting open borders, amnesty, and lawlessness? I believe these workers will support the president and his agenda of Making America Great Again.
    Thousands of supporters showed up in Indiana in May to show support for President Trump. It seems like a good strategy to win elections. See my article in Illinois Review on his Elkhart visit. http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2018/05/wheres-weyermuller-visiting-elkhart-hoosiers-with-trump-and-pence.html
    I would advise the congressman to clear his calendar to welcome the president.

  3. The union bosses aren’t the ones losing jobs to illegals.
    Their job is to fool the members, take their dues, and give it to the Democrats to “buy” a place at the Democrat table.
    If the union members aren’t smart enough to realize this, then they DESERVE to get screwed out of both dues, AND jobs.

  4. The average United Steel Workers wage is $27.37 per hour.
    So is their Union advocating that tens of thousands of foreign scabs come in to offer to do their jobs at $10 per hour – and break their union?
    I suspect that USW workers will go with President Trump, and not their corrupt, leftist union leaders.