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Ives: “Any Dem that says they support business is lying to you”



WHEATON – There's plenty of reason to vote Democrats out of office, State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) said in a Facebook post Friday morning.

Every single Democrat received negative ratings on issues of importance to Illinois small businesses, showing they are bent on destroying the state's economy, not building it.

"Any Dem that says they support business is lying to you. Get it. They are lying to you …" she wrote.

The representative then pointed out legislative scorecards proving her point from Illinois business groups such as Technology & Manufacturing Association, Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. 


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  1. Yes, but at the same time Republicans support crony-capitalism(as do the Dems). That is why we have defacto open borders. The business roundtable and Chamber of Commerce have bought and paid for people like McConnell and Paul Ryan to keep the borders open and that cheap (to businessmen only) labor coming, that we all have to pay for through social subsidies.
    And in the State of Illinois it is no better. Crony capitalism rules the roost.

  2. Any Republican who says they support you over the folks lining their pockets with cash is lying..
    In general you are correct. But that statement does not apply to Donald Trump or oddly, Illinois own Jim Oberweis. There are a few Republicans who are not bought and paid for just as their may be one or two Democrats who are not bought and paid for. Paul Tsongas(RIP) and Zell Miller spring to mind, not sure if any decent Democrats remain.