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Rhoads: Fake debate in Florida Gov. Race



MonkeywerwrenchBy Mark Rhoads - 

The image shown here is commonly called a "monkey wrench."  Some hysterical backers of Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum must think that the wrench name is intended to be a racial slur against African Americans. They are trying to claim with a straight face that Gillum's GOP competitor Ron DeSantis is appealing to a racial slur because he said that Florida voters should not "monkey around" and make the mistake of backing a Bernie Sanders-style socialist clone for governor. Mr. Gillum is African-American. Gillum backers and their media allies should remember that the boy who cried wolf too often was not believed when the threat was real. Real racial slurs are ugly and a menace and far too serious to invite dishonest accusations.


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  1. Actually, the picture shows a “crescent wrench,” also known (to the British) as an “adjustable spanner.”
    DeSantis should learn to THINK first, then choose his words more carefully, to avoid giving opponents opportunities like this.