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Wallace: A Vote that glorifies God



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Dr. Eric Wallace, publisher of Freedom's Journal Magazine, calls for Christians to step up to their citizen duties by voting in the November election – and choosing candidates of which God would approve.

From Dr. Wallace's "A vote that glorifies God" :

I live in the state of Illinois. We have an election in November for many state-wide offices. Two of these offices carry a lot of weight to change the culture of the state: Governor and Attorney General. If you add your State Representative (state law) and U.S. Representative (federal law), there is a lot on the line in this election.

We can choose to elect righteous people to write our laws, or consequently wicked people. In Spring of 2019, the city of Chicago and other municipalities will be electing mayors, alderman, trustees, school board members, and others. However, I have unfortunately not heard of anyone sounding the alarm in many evangelical circles. 

How is this possible? We pray for God to change our communities for the better, but all too often when we have a chance to do something, we shrink back. We abdicate our responsibility to be the “salt and light” of the world through the political process.

Don’t misunderstand me, public policy will not change the heart of men but it does have the potential to restrain evil. It allows the community to prosper when just laws are in place…

… A few years ago, in a discussion about supporting candidates who were against same-sex marriage, I was told by another pastor that we are not ‘one issue’ voters. I challenged him that we are indeed ‘one issue’ voters. The one issue that should concern every Christ—follower is how does my vote honor and glorify God? Or, to put it another way, how does my vote advance the Kingdom of God?

Illinois early voting has begun. 


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