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Rossi: Democrats insult Americans’ intelligence




By Randy Rossi - 

It is time for all rational Americans to be furious about the way Democrats are insulting our intelligence and harming our nation both locally and nationally. Every rational American knows that Democrats have been screaming at the top of their lungs for over two years that President Trump colluded with Russia to illegally beat Hillary Clinton.

Then by using a phony Russian dossier paid for by Hillary and the DNC, they launched the Mueller Investigation certain that Mueller would confirm that Trump colluded with Russia. After investing over two years, $25 million, and tons of federal resources; the Mueller Report concluded that “There was no Russian collusion between Trump, the Trump campaign, or any American."

It doesn’t get clearer than that and the Democrats were devastated. And then to drive Dems even more insane, our economy is on fire under President Trump as a result of the GOP tax cut instead of the Armageddon they promised.

Because facts have proven them so wrong, Dems are attacking your intelligence with hysterical and phony attacks on President Trump hoping that you are not smart enough to know that they are totally bogus.

Instead of accepting reality, Democrats are now trying an indirect impeachment attack dishonestly accusing the Trump administration of obstruction and not cooperating with them. That is hilarious for any informed American! Trump provided over 1 million documents and allowed Mueller to interview anybody on his team that he wanted. He did not use his legal authority to refuse providing documents or refusing to let his people testify.

Then when AG Barr got Mueller’s report, he made 90% of it available to all of America. He only redacted that which was required by law. He even let Senators and Congressman see an unredacted version in a secure room. He didn’t legally have to do any of that. Yet Democrats are screeching for an unredacted version although not one of them has bothered to go see the unredacted version as of today.

The Democrats' dishonest attacks on President Trump and AG Barr could only work if Americans were uninformed and ignorant. The fact that Democrats are using these false and slanderous attacks is an insult to your intelligence.

And right after the Mueller Report concluded that there was no Trump collusion with Russia, we just got some really great economic news. First our GDP grew by 3.2%. Remember when President Obama said that 2% GDP growth was the new norm?

To make it worse for Dems, we just found out that we added 263,000 jobs in April which was far better than predicted and which lowered our unemployment rate to 3.6, the best America has seen for 49 years! Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians have seen the lowest unemployment in America under President Trump in recorded history! Wage rates have gone up 3.2% and middle class people have benefited more than anyone else.

Added to that, 65% of Americans paid less taxes in 2018. Yet Democrat Nancy Pelosi says that only rich people are benefiting from the GOP tax cuts. She is either completely ignorant of the facts or she thinks that you are!

And the good news is that Americans are starting to figure all this out. After the release of the Mueller Report, a new Washington Post/ABC poll showed that only 37% of Americans want to start impeachment proceedings on President Trump which is a 24.5% drop from a similar poll in August. And The Washington Post and ABC are not big Trump fans!

A new CNN/SRRS poll after the release of the Mueller Report showed that 66% of independents and 93% of Republicans believe that Trump should not be impeached after finding out that Mueller found no Russian collusion. And CNN is no Trump fan, either.

On top of that Trump is seeing his best approval ratings from Americans, consumer confidence under Trump is at a high, and even a new CNN poll shows that 56% of Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of the economy. That is driving Democrats crazy!

Because the Democrats' dreams of Trump/Russian Collusion and his hurting the economy have been devastated, they are going bonkers and even more extreme. It is not enough that Democrats want socialism, a “Green New Deal” that will cost American taxpayers $93 trillion, “Medicare for all” that will take away you current healthcare, and open borders. They want to indirectly impeach President Trump and AG Barr through public opinion using lies and slander.

Democrats have crossed the line and this is not Harry Truman’s or JFK’s Democrat Party! Democrats today are not only attacking our core traditional values and our Constitution and Bill of Rights; they are assuming that the American people are ignorant and uninformed and will fall prey to their lies and insults.

This is a test for all Americans; do we have the strength and intelligence to protect and preserve our glorious republic? The answer must be yes for the sake of our kids and grandkids! The only solution is to vote GOP across the board to force the Democrat Party to do a complete “reboot” in the future after being devastated in the 2020 election.


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