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Rossi: The “Fake News” Hides President Trump’s Great Success in Middle East Peace




By Randy Rossi - 

This has been an absolutely great week and month for those people that want peace in the Middle East which brings safety to our great ally Israel. President Trump with the help of his son-in-law Jared Kushner has helped Israel and the Middle East accomplish more progress for peace in just 30 days than all other U.S. presidents combined. First we were told that thanks to those U.S. led negotiations, Israel and the UAE announced an agreement to normalize relations. Then a few days later; Israel, Kosovo, and Serbia announced an agreement to normalize relations. As a result of this great news, first Norway nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for the Israel/UAE deal and then Sweden nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for the Kosovo, Serbia, and Israel peace deal. That is the first time in history that anybody has received two Nobel Peace Prize nominations for two different accomplishments in just one week! Everybody who loves peace should celebrate this right?

Sadly, I watched CNN every day to see if they would report on these great achievements by President Trump and they never did. Instead they focused on fanning the Covid 19 hysteria, the phony claims from “anonymous” sources that 2 years ago President Trump cancelled a trip to a French cemetery to celebrate WW1 heroes because he didn’t like them, and Bob Woodward’s silly book which focused on President Trump trying to keep America calm as we fight the Covid 19 pandemic. CNN simply can’t give President Trump credit for anything positive because they are completely dedicated to destroying President Trump and getting “Sleepy Joe” elected. As I always say, “If President Trump walked across the ocean, the CNN headline would be “Trump can’t swim”!  This is more proof that the “Fake News” is not only “fake”, it is an “Enemy of the people” because it often hides the truth or distorts the facts to make President Trump and the GOP look bad in order for Democrats to win the White House, Senate, and the House so that they can implement their socialist agenda.

It gets worse than that if you consider what is at stake. The reason that so much progress is being made in the Middle East is because of a key strategic step that President Trump took that corrected a massive mistake of Democrat President Obama that put world peace at great risk. Obama gave the world’s largest sponsor of terror, Iran; $150 billion and signed the “Iran Nuke Deal” which basically allowed Iran to continue investing in nuclear weapons which put all of the Middle East and Israel at great risk. That was the worst deal in history since Neville Chamberlain gave Hitler Czechoslovakia hoping appeasement would prevent war. We know how that childish strategy worked. Thankfully, one of the first things President Trump did when he came into office is to pull America out of that crazy deal. That move opened the door to peace in the Middle East!

Here is why President Trump’s strategy worked. Once President Trump made it clear that Israel is a core U.S. ally and moved our embassy to Jerusalem and pulled out of the crazy Iran deal, the Middle East understood that America was serious. On top of that the Sunni Arab nations began to understand that Shiite Iran was their real enemy and America and Israel were their real friends. That allowed those Sunni Arab nations to join with Israel and America to defend themselves from Iran. The unofficial word is that a total of 22 Sunni Arab nations may eventually recognize Israel including Saudi Arabia. That is a complete “game changer” that brings peace to the Middle East and isolates Iran. Thanks to President Trump’s leadership!

Sadly, most Americans don’t understand this great success because it is not honestly reported on by the “Fake News”. Hopefully the word will get out before the 2020 elections so President Trump can get rewarded for his successful leadership and contributions to world peace!


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  1. According to Nancy Pelosi, peace in the Middle East is a “distraction” from COVID or the fires in California. It’s clear that the Democrats have no concept of multi-tasking, nor how to deal with someone who does.